Video: How to create a family command centre

In today's video, I'm showing you our new family command centre that we recently set out in our living room. This is a hard-working space in our home, where we store calendars, receipts, cleaning schedule and jobs, a cork board for displaying important info and lots more. Having this space really helps us be more organised, keeps everyone on track with what's going on, and ensures there are no paper clutter piles building up elsewhere in the house. Watch the video to see how I set up this newly organised space!


Click on the links below to read more about how I set up our family command center:

House Inspiration Binder |  Finance Binder |  Household Binder | Organising Stationery Supplies  |  Dealing with Paper Clutter/Filing  | How to Cover a Cork Board














Below is the source list for the products used in our family command center.

Sources: Ikea shelving unit; House Inspiration binder (similar here); black and white fabric boxes (similar here); paper files (no longer available, similar here); file holder, hand-made; files (similar here)

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