Revealed: a tour of our terrific new laundry room

I'm excited today to finally give you a tour of our new laundry room - it's been a long time coming! After we 'completed' our home renovation last year, we were left with 100s of little (and many not so little!) jobs to complete. One of those included the build of our entire laundry. A rather daunting task to say the least.

However, we'd been planning this new space for many years and knew exactly what we wanted - you may remember this post where I outlined my wish-list of features and items I hoped to include. A detailed plan always makes any big project easier to dive into!

We were lucky enough to have a nice big area to work with - this space was previously a combined laundry and toilet area, so we had a lot of storage space. Which meant I could include some of my favourite features including:

  • multiple hanging wall racks
  • storage space for our sorting baskets and second freeze
  • the option to have our washing machine and dryer side-by-side rather than stacked
  • a huge storage cupboard for laundry - and extra kitchen - supplies
  • a lovely, wide wooden bench for folding and sorting laundry.

Pretty fantastic! We used a lot of the same features from our kitchen and family command centre to create a cohesive look throughout our home.

Are you ready to take a look at our new laundry room? Just click on the video below, and stay tuned for next week's episode where I'll be showing you how I organised our huge storage cupboard!


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