Calm. Balance. Freedom.


Are you ready to make changes to the way you currently run your life so you can become more organised, but don't know where or how to start?

Are you craving more quality time with your loved ones, but that never-ending list of tasks that you 'should be getting through' constantly makes you feel guilty?

Or are you just feeling overwhelmed by the disorganised state of your home, and wish
you could feel more calm and in control?


Whatever reason brought you here, I am 100% committed to helping you to create a life with less stress and chaos; more calm, balance and freedom.

I'm Jo - teacher, organiser and life coach behind
The Organised You - and I am thrilled to
welcome you here!


The Organised You a place to get inspiration, actionable tips and achievable strategies designed to empower you to create and maintain beautiful, clutter-free and organised spaces in your own home. 

If you love:

  • learning the step-by-step process for creating organised systems for your home and family
  • watching how-to videos
  • reading helpful strategies that will empower you to achieve your goals
  • seeing the process and end results of real-life projects
  • getting loads of freebies such as checklists, planners and guides....  

Well my friend, you are going to feel right at home here!

I'm here to help you realise that you definitely can create more time in your day, be more productive, get more done, and create a more balanced life without having to sacrifice family time or your life! In fact, once you get more organised, you're going to have a lot more valuable and quality time in your day.


My Story

Organising has always been one of my favourite things to do, mainly because of the way it makes me feel - calm and in control, and like I'm actually staying on top of that never-ending list of 'things to do'.

It was, however, the arrival of my first child that made me want to set up some really effective organising systems to provide me with more quality family time. What really saved my sanity in that first busy year were things like monthly meal plans, an organised kitchen, a system for laundry and ways to deal with the piles of baby clothes! 

The arrival of my second child reinforced that having a well-organised home could give me the extra time to focus on my children... even though I had to learn to embrace the hectic life that ultimately is parenthood!

I decided in 2014 that I wanted to follow my passion of home organisation and helping others create more balanced lives. I took a leap of faith, with the encouragement of my husband [who gets to experience my organisation first-hand every day!], and started The Organised You - a how-to blog and professional organising service. 

As a [now part-time] primary school teacher, one of my main goals was always to teach children and parents how to be more organised in life - thinking about what wasn't working, finding solutions for their problems and implementing ways to be more in control. I wanted to pass these skills on to a wider community.

In the last 2 years, I have:

  • Started The Organised You Blog and TV, which show the step-by-step process for creating organised systems, and share the best tools and strategies
  • Created 4 signature products:
    * The Productivity Pack - over 30 helpful printables designed to help you be more productive and efficient each and every day, and keep track of household tasks and family commitments.
    Chaos to Calm - a guided online course teaching you the step-by-step process for effectively decluttering your home and setting up organised systems.
    * Making Your Paper Work - an 8-week training program teaching you how to tame your paper clutter with confidence using effective systems to reduce the overwhelm, and increase your levels of calm and productivity!
    * Clever Kitchens - An in-depth, step-by-step guide [and behind-the-scenes Video Workshop] that shows you how to be more efficient and save time in your kitchen, by setting it up in a way that leaves you feeling calm and content

I truly love this little space, and am so excited to have you here. 
I hope you enjoy exploring, and find some useful resources that will help you find
more calm, balance and freedom in your own life.