How to get your kitchen more organised in time for Christmas

Whether you’re hosting a Christmas party this year, or the big day is being held at your house, or you just need to create some order during this busy season, getting your kitchen organised will provide you with that sense of calm. Today's post outlines 5 simple steps that will help you prepare for Christmas so you can use your kitchen more efficiently and feel more in control!

 How to Get Your Kitchen More Organised In Time For Christmas - learn 5 simple strategies for getting your kitchen organised to reduce stress and anxiety on Christmas Day, so you can actually enjoy the festivities!


There is nothing more frustrating than having clutter on your countertops, and having to constantly clear things out the way in order to prepare food or lay out dishes. One of the best ways to prepare for Christmas (and get your kitchen more organised) is to find a home for 'all the things' on your kitchen countertops.

 Clear the countertops in your kitchen so you can minimize stress, and gain more prep space!

The most common items to clutter up these flat surfaces are everyday essentials such as wallets, keys, glasses, bags etc; as well as paperwork and daily mail.

And the two best zones to create to combat this clutter are an organised entryway, and a command centre!

If time is limited (as it usually is during the busy season), find a temporary home elsewhere for these items - in a decorative basket, box, or in-tray - to provide yourself with more kitchen prep space. This will come in very handy when you’re preparing dishes, baking treats to give as presents, wrapping presents, or writing cards.

Check out the posts below to learn how to set up a family command centre and an organised entryway, and schedule into your calendar when you're going to make it happen in your own home! These organised zones save so much time and minimize stress on a daily basis - you'll definitely be appreciating all your hard work in the new year.

 Organised command centre {The Organised You}

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During the festive season, you’re going to need quick access to your entertainment supplies, rather than having to search through cupboards and cabinets at the last minute! You'll want to have platters, large bowls, crockery, cutlery, tablecloths, napkins and any decorative items for the table within easy reach.

 Organise platters in a divided dish tray for easy access {The Organised You|}

And here’s where having those clear kitchen countertops can come in handy! If you’ve got the space, get these entertainment supplies out on your countertops before your guests arrive, so they're ready on to go and you’re not rushing around looking for things in the middle of the festivities.

I always like to set the table the night before, as this can be a time-consuming step, and it's nice to be able to take your time with it.

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You’re going to need some clear space in your fridge to hold all the items for Christmas lunch or dinner, or all that party food. Whether you’re pre-preparing the dishes, or family members are each bringing something that will need to be stored in the fridge, you'll need some extra room.

 Organise a fridge with airtight containers {The Organised You}

In the lead-up to a party or Christmas Day, try and use up as many of the fridge supplies as possible to create that extra storage space.

On the day, remove what still remains, and give the shelves a good wipe-down. Create space by transferring food items out of containers and putting them in zip-lock bags; storing them in the crisper; or placing all loose items in a plastic basket or tub that that can sit on the bottom shelf out of the way.

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It’s likely there’s going to be leftover food from your party/lunch/dinner, so it pays to get your food storage containers organised now so they're ready to be used. If you’re going to give guests leftovers to take home, stock up on some cheap containers from the dollar store that you won’t need back.

With your own container collection, do a big declutter and get rid of any containers that are missing their lids, chipped or cracked, misshapen, an inconvenient size or ones that you rarely use. Be as ruthless as you can with this decluttering, as food storage containers can often be taking up more space in your kitchen than you realise!

With the keepers, stack them by shape and/or size in a drawer or cabinet, and keep the lids separate in a labelled box or basket so you can easily find a matching set when you're packing up leftovers. 

 Organised food storage containers {The Organised You}

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There’s no doubt that celebrations of any kind create a mess, and here's where having an organised kitchen can make clean-up quicker and less painful! 

Have a stack of clean tea-towels ready to go, and stock up on your cleaning supplies - dishwasher tablets/powder, washing-up gloves, dishwashing liquid, sponges and bin bags.

Make sure the dishwasher has been emptied before guests arrive. Clear those countertops so you can stack dirty dishes near the sink, and also lay down a tea-towel to hold extra dishes that you’ve hand-washed.

 Have your cleaning products close at hand and easy to access in the cleaning zone {the Organised You}

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Just a few simple adjustments in your kitchen can really make the whole day run more smoothly and minimize your stress so you can actually enjoy the celebrations!

What is the number 1 thing you could do to get your kitchen organised for Christmas? I'd love to hear from you in the comments below!

If you’re looking to get your kitchen more organised in order to save time and energy, not just at this busy time but all year round, then check out Clever Kitchens!

The detailed, step-by-step guide and video workshop will show you how to declutter and organise everything in your kitchen - from the cabinets, drawers, pantry, fridge, freezer and more.

I'll also show you behind-the-scenes of how I've set up my own kitchen, and the storage solutions I've used to create a calm and organised space where everything is easy to find and access. I'll show you how this can be possible in your own kitchen too! 

Having an organised kitchen really can be life-changing - not only in terms of how it can make you feel, but also the amount of stress, time, energy and money you can save yourself on a daily basis.

My Simple Method for Organising Spices

My Simple Method for Organising Spices

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There are a few reasons why spices can be so difficult to store and organise... 

  1. There are so many different types of spices that you may have in your collection within bottles, jars, and/or packets that you need to store
  2. Although you may tend to use the same few spices over and over again, there's also many that you will have bought for a specific meal or a particular occasion which then just sitting there taking up storage space
  3. Opened packets can spill, or the contents can go stale, if they're not sealed properly
  4. Spice jars or containers can take up quite a lot of storage space within a cabinet or drawer

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9 of the best kitchen organisation ideas

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If you’re finding your kitchen a difficult area to manage - be it lack of space,  knowing which storage products are the best or how to clear the clutter - then this post is for you. I’m sharing 9 of the best kitchen organisation ideas that you'll wish you'd known sooner!

5 practical ways to make cooking easier and more enjoyable

5 practical ways to make cooking easier and more enjoyable

A question for you:

Do you enjoy cooking meals in your kitchen? If not, why not?

If you don't feel excited or motivated to cook meals, or you find the whole process stressful or frustrating, one big reason could be that your cooking zone is not set up in a way that makes it practical and simple for you to cook.

Because the cooking zone is where a lot of the action in a kitchen takes place, it needs to be organised in such a way that it's easy for you to prepare your ingredients, make the meal and clean up, without having to move things out of the way to get to the stovetop!

In this video, I'm detailing 5 practical ways to make the cooking process less stressful to you can save time and energy each night.

The magic solution for a more organised kitchen

The magic solution for a more organised kitchen

That time of the day has come around when you need to prepare the evening meal. You start by pulling out your supplies… and you can feel the frustration already starting to creep in.

The saucepan is easy enough to grab, but the stack of lids starts to spill over and of course the one you need is at the bottom of the pile! You open your utensil drawer, but it’s a jumbled mess and it takes a while to rummage through to find the spoon you need. You want to use your handy chopper to slice the onions, but the blade is buried under a pile of other ‘handy’ attachments that are rolling around the cabinet shelf. It’s little wonder you don’t enjoy cooking!

Can you relate to any of the struggles in this scenario? Some of the biggest frustrations in the kitchen stem from having too much ‘stuff’, a general lack of storage, and difficulty finding and accessing what you’re after.

What you need is an efficient and organised space that takes advantage of every inch of storage, while allowing you to quickly and easily find and retrieve everything you need to cut down on preparation and cooking time. A kitchen that doesn’t leave you feeling stressed and frustrated is a must, as it’s a room we spend so much time in! And I believe the solution to many kitchen organisation problems can be found in one magic item - the simple storage basket.