28 clever pantry organisers

In my last post I asked what your top 3 priorities for an organised pantry would be. My own goals were to have my supplies easy to access, easy to find, and a clutter-free pantry. However, it's all well and good to set organisation goals, but how do you go about achieving them? And which products will be best for your particular set-up? Today I'm sharing 28 essential products for an organised pantry. You won't need every single one, but a mix and match of product combinations that will fit your space and suit your aesthetics and needs could be the perfect partnership for achieving those goals!

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My last few posts have been filled with tips and ideas for getting your pantry organised - with inspiration, a pantry makeover, and a video of my own organised pantry. So you might already be feeling the itch to make a few changes, or just get started. However, before you rush out and buy anything, I would suggest doing a really big declutter to decide what you want to keep. Then, group similar items together and decide where would be best to store them within your pantry space. Consider which systems you could set up to keep it clutter-free and organised. If you do need to buy products, make sure you measure the space carefully so that everything you buy actually fits. #nothingworse

These products don't have to be super-expensive either. I've listed a range of sources (within Australia) that range in price, but there are definitely cheaper options out there if you search around. So, here are 28 clever pantry organisers that will help you reach your goals and get your pantry sorted once and for all!


Jars, stackable containers, or slim-line lidded containers that are clear are best for a pantry so you can see exactly what you have, what you need to top up on, and to easily find what you're after. Stackable containers are great because they maximise every inch of your shelf storage space, but the thin vertical ones are also handy for squeezing in lots of different items on the shelf.

Storage containers for the pantry - go with clear containers or jars so you can quickly grab what you need, as well as being able to easily see what you have and what needs to be topped up at the shops

Sources: (1) Kmart airtight pantry set  (2) Ikea food storage container  (3) Ikea 1.8L jar  (4) Tupperware modular mates


These containers or tubs will allow you to store food packets, boxes, bags, drinks, or miscellaneous items/categories. The products will be corralled in one single spot, but are easy to access as you can can slide and lift the whole tub out to get what you need. Stackable baskets also make for handy vertical storage. A great time-saving idea is to put all your snacks in one of these storage boxes and when you're putting lunch-boxes together, you can grab the whole tub out and place it on the kitchen bench so that everything is easy to grab and go.

Sources:  (1) Kmart flat lidded box (2) Howard's Storage World slimline separator  (3)  Lifespace pantry storage bin  (4) Store stackable pantry basket


For pantries that are open and visible, baskets are a great option for hiding those more unsightly or less 'attractive' items that can make a space look cluttered. With cute labels affixed to the front, a pantry can even look stylish! Again, these baskets can easily be pulled in and out to access what you need. Storage options like these prevent things getting lost in the back of a large/deep pantry and encourage you to keep 'like' categories together.



Sources:  (1)  Kmart storage basket  (2) Ikea woven basket  (3) Target seagrass basket  (3)  (4) Kmart wire basket


Labels are one of my absolute essentials for an organised pantry. They'll allow you to easily find what you need, as well as encourage you to group items by category. Chalkboard labels are a popular option, and look nice on clear containers or jars. You could create your own printable labels (there are tons of options at stationery stores like Officeworks). Or you could use a hand-held labeller to whip up your own (which is what I did) so that everything looks neat and cohesive.

Sources: (1) Howard's Storage World kitchen labels  (2) Etsy BradensGrace chalkboard labels   (3) Officeworks Avery printable labels   (4)  Officeworks hand-held labeller


Not only will these nifty organisers help you save space in your pantry, they'll also help keep your cans safely in one place and allow you to easily access them, rather than having stacked piles of cans that threaten to topple! Lazy Susan's or turntables are perfect for maximising storage space and utilising a corner space more effectively. And I always love anything that affixes to the door for extra storage (the one pictured is the same as what I used in my gift wrapping station - love it!).

Sources: (1) Howard's Storage World twin turntable  (2) Bunnings door-organiser and shelving basket system (comes with multiple pieces) (3) Store shelf organiser  (4) Lifespace Rubbermaid Lazy Susan


Organising spices in an efficient way can be tricky, particularly if you're lacking space or have narrow cupboards. Back-of-the-door storage options are always a winner, but if you have more drawer or cupboard space, the options below are great alternatives. If you prefer having your spices out on the bench for easy access, spice caddies are stylish and can actually hold a lot - the one pictured below holds 17 jars!

Sources: (1) Howard's Storage Spice Expand-a-drawer  (2) Lifespace 3-tier spice rack  (3) Kmart spice organiser  (4) Bunnings adjustable spice rack


Other pantry organisers that you might want to consider are onion and potato keepers. These will not only encourage the products to stay fresher for longer, they'll also prevent mess and reduce rotting (mesh stacking baskets are another great option). Under-shelf wire baskets create an extra layer of storage, and are perfect for things like loaves of bread to prevent them getting squashed. And if you're feeling really fancy, you could invest in some shelf liner to give you a happy view each time you open the pantry doors!

So there you have it - 28 clever pantry organisers that will have your space looking fantastic. Who's feeling inspired and ready to jump in?

Which storage items do you think would be perfect for getting your pantry organised? Are there any other essentials you would add to this list?

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