My top 10 favourite storage products

Having the right storage products can make a massive difference to the organisation of your home and the efficiency of your everyday routine. Finding the right piece can be a total game-changer in terms of how the space works, how things are used and put away, and how a system is maintained. Today I'm showing you my top 10 favourite storage products and how I use them in the different areas of our home. 

1. Fabric storage boxes

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you'd know that I use fabric storage boxes in nearly every room of the home! I like them so much because they are lightweight, slide in and out of most spaces easily by pulling the handle, and have so many different uses. 

In the picture below, you can see:

  1. Coloured storage boxes in my son's room for different toy collections
  2. In my daughter's room above her hanging clothes to hold bedding and next size clothes
  3. Multi-coloured boxes for separating each person's clothes during the folding laundry stage (this time-saving routine is still working a treat by the way, so make sure you check out this video!). 

Fabric boxes really are a very versatile (and cheap) storage product.

2. Pull-out storage baskets

Pull-out baskets would probably be my next most used storage product, and I'm sure if you looked around your own home you would be able to find 100 different uses to better organise your belongings! 

I use pull-out baskets in the kitchen to: 

  1. Separate different shaped food container lids into categories
  2. In our command centre to hold hard drives, spare chargers and notebooks
  3. In the bathroom vanity to separate categories (nail polish, hair utensils, hair accessories etc) 
  4. In the fridge for easy access to various foods.

Handled pull-out baskets are an added bonus because they're super easy to slide in and out.  

3. Air-tight containers

Another obsession of mine is air-tight containers, and I use them to store pretty much all of the food in my kitchen. But there is a very valid reason for my obsession! These containers, be it in the pantry, fridge or freezer, really ensure the food stays fresher for longer, which in turn means less wastage and more money saved. Yes please!

Air-tight containers also make everything neat, uniform and organised so it's always easy to find what you're looking for. Clear containers are an obvious bonus as you can see exactly what you have and what you need to stock up on at the shops. Love 'em!

4. Wicker baskets

The great thing about wicker baskets is not only their functionality, but they are also a stylish storage choice, so you're less likely to want to replace them even if your home decor style changes. Good quality baskets are essential to ensure they stand the test of time. 

I have had these neutral toned baskets on our living room bookcase (now holding toys) and on our entryway console (holding shoes and 'items to return') for nearly 9 years. Although they were a little more pricey, they have held up well to constant usage. Sturdiness and durability are two major pros for high-quality wicker baskets.

5. Round basket

The final in the basket category is my new fave - the tall cylindrical basket. I purchased the one below recently (from Freedom) to hold a pile of blankets that we previously had 'folded' (but more like 'dumped'!) between the two couches. What I love best about this basket is its height - you can really just throw things in and they don't have to be neatly stored or folded inside. I grabbed a similar basket in my daughter's room for her soft toys and it's been a great solution for quick and easy pack-ups.

6. Back-of-the-door [or over-the-door] storage units

If you think you've got no extra storage space in your house, why not try the back of the door! This is one of my favourite hidden storage solutions, because having the items right there when you open the door means they're so easy to grab and go, rather than having to go digging through shelves. 

I love our gift wrapping station on the back of our linen cupboard door, and use it more regularly than I would've ever thought. In picture 2, this smaller basket has been perfect for holding taller items in the bathroom vanity; and our over-the-door hanging basket right near the sink is perfect for containing dishwasher tablets, dishwashing liquid and all-purpose spray - items I use all the time. 

7. Trays

Trays are a stylish storage option in any space of the house, and they are perfect for neatly corralling 'like' items together. I use trays to: 

  1. Organise laundry supplies and keep them close at hand
  2. For my perfume collection in the bedroom
  3. To hold salt, pepper & oil near the stovetop
  4. To hold our vitamins. 

The one thing I would suggest when purchasing a tray is to make sure it is easy to wipe down - our tray in the laundry is wood and not as easy to clean, so I am not sure how durable it will be long term. Something to consider...

8. Rolling hampers

I am still totally crushing on my rolling hampers in the laundry that I've had for about 8 years. I like that they are colour-coded to separate darks/colours and whites, that they're nice and deep to hold a lot of clothes (so I can avoid laundry day that little bit longer...), and the fact that they're on castor wheels. This means I can pull each basket over to the washing machine and quickly grab everything out, before putting it back in it's hiding spot under the bench. I'm looking to purchase 1 more for our revamped laundry space to hold towels and linen. How do you separate your laundry?

9. Paper and stationery organisers

In order to stay on top of paperwork clutter, it is essential to have the right systems in place and the right storage solutions. For us, that means sturdy paper boxes in various sizes; our DIY paperwork storage unit (video coming soon but here's the post explaining how we use it); and magazine files and mini-drawers. All of these systems work to keep paper clutter to a minimum and make the daily to-do's a little easier.

10. Filing cabinet

The final game-changing storage item for us has definitely been our new filing cabinet. I don't know why I resisted getting one for so long - I just always pictured them to be so ugly! But I love this little pop of colour under the desk of our home office...

And the sight of our paperwork all organised and accessible still makes me smile! If you don't have a filing cabinet, or a great filing system set up for your paperwork, you are creating so much extra work for yourself. This one piece of storage has been so valuable, it is definitely one of my daily favourites. 

So, those are my top 10 organising products for around my home, but I'd love to hear in the comments below what your favourites are? Do you agree with any on the list or have you got some other storage pieces that you love using on a daily basis? 

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