Organising with trays

I've been doing a bit of reorganising in the laundry this past month as we just installed a second freezer in there. There was nowhere else to put it, really, so it forced us to rethink this space and do a mini makeover. A few things remained a necessity for my laundry space, though, and one was to have the washing supplies close at hand to make doing laundry as quick and pain-free as possible. Enter the tray as a wonderful storage solution!

Trays are a fantastic, stylish and simple solution for keeping everything you need close at hand, without having to search through cupboards and drawers. Not that getting washing powder out is a huge drama, but I prefer to be able to just grab and go! Plus any short-cut for doing laundry is a win in my books. I found this tray at a local homewares shop, after quite a bit of searching at my regular haunts. Most trays I found were not quite the right size, or were plastic, which wasn't the look I was going for. This one had a bit of a rustic feel, and works nicely against the wooden bench-top that my husband made - one of his first projects when we first moved into our house 8 years ago!

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On the tray, I have 3 jars with homemade washing powder in the middle (recipe coming on Thursday), stain removing powder and fabric softener. I keep the washing powder scoop separate so I don't have to fish it out of the jar each time. It sits in a bowl alongside a collection of covered mini-pegs... because they're too cute not to display. I also want to add my pre-wash spray to this tray, but need to find a nice looking spray bottle first. These aren't so easy to come by! Also thinking of spray-painting the jar lids so they all match... #itsthelittlethings.

The tray sits in the corner of our laundry bench, just above the washing machine. Some artwork needs to be added above, and the space will be almost complete.

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Trays are a fantastic way to corral any supplies you need to keep handy - I use one in the kitchen for the oil, salt & pepper; and one in the bedroom for holding perfume bottles.

Do you use trays to organise your things? Where else could you use a tray in your home to corral frequently-used items that you want to display?

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