Under the sink storage ideas

Today's quick tip is about utilising every last inch of storage in your kitchen, especially if you are tight on space. I am a huge fan of using the backs of doors for effective storage of things that otherwise could be taking up valuable bench space.

First up, I use this over-the-door hanger on the under sink area, which is such an awkward space because the sink and pipes take up so much room. This storage rack fits perfectly, and contains the cleaning spray, dish-washing liquid and dishwasher tablets. Because I buy the tablets in a large box of 50, I placed a plastic container inside and filled with the tablets so they would be easier to access. The container takes up half the space in the caddy, but it does hold heaps of tablets. If you use dish-washing powder, you could still use a container with a lid, and just clip the scoop to the side of the rack so it is easy to grab.

This is what it looks like from the outside when you close the cabinet door. It does not hinder the closing of the door in any way as the top hooks are thin enough, but if you're worried about this, you can buy ones that screw straight into the door. We have one in our bathroom that works a treat! This particular storage rack was from Aldi, but you can find them at dollar stores, Howard's Storage or even ebay. The racks can also be tiered (like this one) to fit more on, if you have the space inside the cupboard to do so!

On the adjoining cupboard door, I use a small hook and peg combo to hang up the dish-washing gloves so they're out of the way. There is another hook next to this for the fire blanket. The hook is stable enough to pull the tabs down safely.

Using the backs of doors for extra storage in any room of the house is a win-win - it keeps benches clutter-free, which gives you more space to work with. It also means those unsightly things are out of the way, but still easy to access!

How do you organise the tricky space under the sink? Do you like to use the backs of doors to gain extra storage?

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