Why having a junk drawer is a mistake {Video}

Why is having a junk drawer a mistake? In my opinion, there are 3 major reasons:

1. You can’t find exactly what you’re looking for quickly

2. It's easier to lose things, especially those smaller items

3. It can cost you, as you end up buying things you actually already owned just because you couldn't find them in amongst the clutter

Luckily, it's a pretty easy fix to get your drawers back in shape. In today's video I'm walking you through the simple process for decluttering and organising your drawers so that everything is easy to find. Follow along with these easy steps:

  • Prepare any necessary organising tools for this project (grab your free checklist on the button below)
  • Remove drawers from their position if possible in order to see what you're working with
  • Create some space to spread out all the contents of the drawer i.e. kitchen table, bench, chairs
  • Remove every item from the drawer, separating and sorting items into loose categories as you go
  • Clean the empty drawer
  • Put anything straight into a garbage bag that you can class as 'rubbish'
  • Decide what to keep in the drawer - move items to other spots in the house if they are not suited to that particular spot
  • If necessary, create/purchase dividers to separate categories of items going back into the drawer
  • Put items back in neatly
  • Stand back and admire the work of a quick 15-minute project. You can do it!


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  1. Do you have a junk drawer? What is in it?
  2. How could you contain the 'junk' within a drawer?

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