How to set up a super-organised wardrobe {Video}

I recently shared with your our new master bedroom and the nice big empty space we had awaiting us for a new walk-in wardrobe. Well, me being me, I just couldn't wait any longer to get it set up! It was driving me nuts having to go up and down the stairs to our old bedroom every time I needed something to wear... which happens more than you think #firstworldproblems. Sick of my whinging, hubby bit the bullet one night and got to work.

Our last wardrobe used this Clever Closet System, (which we also used in my son's closet) and we decided just to re-use this system in our new space. We actually didn't end up buying any new items for our new wardrobe as we were able to work with what we had, which was pretty awesome - I love a project where you don't have to spend any additional money!

In this video, I'm showing you how we configured the space, how I decluttered our clothes, and how I arranged everything within the new walk-in wardrobe to create an organised, functional and great-looking closet where everything is neat and easy to find. Ready to take a look?

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Do you do regular decluttering sessions of your clothes? Do you find it easy to make decisions about what stays and what goes, or do you find it a difficult process?

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