25 creative ways to organise your laundry

Whether we like it or not, a lot of time is spent in the laundry, be it sorting, washing, hanging, folding, ironing.... There are always laundry-related tasks that need to be completed, especially if you have a large family. So every effort should be made to create a functional, efficient and nice-looking space, so you can enjoy spending time in there... well, as much as one can enjoy spending time doing laundry! 

25 Creative ways to organise your laundry - whether we like it or not, the laundry is a space we spend a lot of time in, be it sorting, washing, hanging, folding, ironing.... So it really does pay to have a space that is organised, efficient and as functional as possible. In this post I'm sharing 25 ways to get your laundry organised so you can enjoy the time you do spend in there. Click through to be inspired with loads of laundry organising ideas, and grab the FREE project planner to help with any upcoming home projects of your own. 

Due to our current home renovation, we will need to redo our laundry room in the very near future. We weren't quite prepared for having to tackle this project so soon, so we've been doing lots of research on clever storage and organisation ideas to incorporate into our new space. Today I'm sharing some of the creative laundry ideas I've come across, as well as a free project planner to get you thinking about your wish-list if you've got a project of your own in the works. Ready to be inspired?

I used a project planner to list down the things that are currently working in our laundry space, the things that aren't, my wish list for the space, and the things we'll need to purchase. I'll be sharing more details in my next post, but if you've got a project coming up, you might want to use a planner to help you consider what is and isn't working in your current space.


Creating an easy-to-follow system for the sorting laundry phase is crucial for saving yourself time and effort when it comes time for washing. We currently use light and dark sorting baskets which makes it so easy to throw in a load without having to sort first. I'd like to add another of these baskets for towels and linens.

Source:  AZ Central

Source: AZ Central

Wicker baskets (labelled of course!) are another sorting solution, depending on how many washing categories you have i.e. darks, lights, towels, linen, sports clothes etc. You can then grab the basket you need when it comes time to wash.

Source:  BHG

Source: BHG

I love these concealed storage baskets, as you're not taking up any valuable floor space. I just wonder how likely my children and husband would be to actually get their dirty clothes in the right baskets, and how many items would just end up on the floor...


One of the things I continue to remind my husband about is my need for more drying racks! I am obsessed with these wall-hung drying racks, and prefer them to a clothes horse as they don't take up any floor space. 

We currently have 2 that fold down when not in use, but I'm planning on having 4 of these babies in our new laundry (like the picture below) so I can have a heap of things drying at once! A great idea if you've got the wall space.

This is another great idea for drying delicate items and things that should be dried flat rather than hung - a pull-out drying rack! Heart-eyes!

A simple rod with spare coat-hangers makes drying shirts and blouses a breeze and helps them maintain their shape.

And how great is this nifty product! (available here) I'm not sure how well the shirts would dry so close together, but it would be useful to hang items when ironing a large collection.

Source unknown

Source unknown


Great storage is another absolute essential for any laundry! There are lots of bits and pieces that we store in our laundry (you can see all the different categories in this video), so I want as much storage as possible in our new one! Whether it's concealed behind cabinet doors...

On open shelves with large, durable baskets...

Or utilizing vertical space to attach baskets and caddies. I'm planning on a combination of all of these storage elements.


We store all our cleaning products in the laundry, including mop, vacuum cleaner, brooms, and all the sprays, cleaning cloths, rags etc.  My main requirements in this area are deeper shelves to fit more in, and having everything organised by categories so I can easily and quickly find what I need. I love how functional everything is in the picture below, and the labels make it look cohesive and pretty.

I also love the idea of utilising the back of a door where possible. Attaching some simple storage compartments is perfect for organising cleaning products.

Source:  BHG

Source: BHG

This wire rack is the same as the one I used for our gift wrapping station. I know how easy it is to install and how effective it is at keeping everything corralled and easy to find. Love this idea!

Hooks are a no-brainer for keeping cleaning utensils off the floor to prevent them from sliding around. I'll be using one of these hook sets inside the cupboard though, so the visual clutter is concealed.

Source:  Teal & Lime

Source: Teal & Lime

BONUS: Got a home project coming up? Whether it's an entire room makeover, a kitchen re-organisation or tackling the garage, this project planner will get you going in the right direction before you launch in! 


I love creative organising ideas - sometimes the smallest change can really change the way you approach a daily task. Like how about framing a guide to stain removal, so you can see at a glance how to remove a tricky stain!

Team the chart with a stain removal kit full of natural products for those hard-to-remove clothing stains, and you're a cleaning pro!

Source:  BuzzFeed

Source: BuzzFeed

A small supply of sewing utensils in the laundry room is another handy solution for those quick fixes.

Put a hanging rod directly above a sink so that dripping wet bathers or hand-washed items don't make a puddle on the bench or floor. 

Source:  BHG

Source: BHG

Use decorative hooks as an easy but attractive way to hang your ironing board...

Source:  Home Depot

Source: Home Depot

Or use a hidden ironing board within a drawer so you can just pull it out when it needs to be used, then tuck it away again. It's going on my wish-list!

Source: unknown

Source: unknown


Sometimes when you're planning a new home space or about to embark on a big project, you just need some beautiful inspiration pictures to get the creative juices flowing! These are some of my favourites:

The shimmering backsplash tile.

Source:  Barlow Reid

Source: Barlow Reid

The unique herringbone tile backsplash.

A colourful wallpapered feature wall.

A beautiful soothing colour for the cabinets teamed with a gorgeous farmhouse sink.

A lovely wooden bench top and pure white cabinetry in a light-filled space.

A girl can dream, right? Stay tuned for my next blog post where I'll be showing you our developing plan for our laundry room that's sloooooowly starting to come together. Don't forget to grab your copy of the project planner on the button below! 

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