13 unusual but effective storage ideas to organise your home

If you're searching for the perfect storage solution for a trouble-spot in your home, it might be time to start thinking 'outside the box'. When it comes to finding a cheap but effective storage solution, sometimes the perfect item or product is something you would never have considered! Try looking around your home for existing items to repurpose and use as storage elsewhere. It'll save you money and give you the added benefit of organisation! Why not try one of these unusual but effective ideas to get things more organised in your home? 


Use velcro tabs inside your TV unit (or any nearby cupboard) to attach remotes and gaming equipment, and keep them out of sight until needed.

Or use velcro to attach slimline storage containers to the inside of a pantry and take advantage of that vertical pantry storage space.


Pop a wine rack inside a cabinet or kitchen cupboard to store and organise all those extra water bottles that can clutter up the kitchen benches.

Alternatively, a wine rack with larger spaces is the perfect storage spot for balls of wool... plus you can organise each section by colour!


Use an empty egg carton to store bottles and sauces upside-down to catch any drips or mess. This is a cheap and easy storage item to replace when things get too messy.

And an egg carton is just the right size and weight for carefully storing Christmas ornaments. Fill up the cartons, stack them on top of each other in a large tub, and you're good to go for next year's decorating.


Pop any open packets of sugar or flour inside a lidded jug with an easy-pour opening to keep everything fresh and make it easy to pour out the exact quantity you need without spillage.

Large milk cartons are useful for storing those little bits and pieces in the garage, with the handle making it easy to grab and put back. Labels help to keep things extra organised!


A towel rack attached to the inside of a kitchen cabinet makes the perfect storage solution for holding pan lids.

A towel rack is also excellent for adding storage in a linen closet for extra towels or linens. 


Attach a magazine holder to the side of your bathroom vanity with small hooks and use it to contain and organise your hair styling tools.

Or attach one to the back of a kitchen cabinet to hold food wraps and keep them within easy reach.


If large pipes inside your vanity (or kitchen cupboard) are making it difficult to install shelving, why not try adding several shower caddies to take advantage of the vertical space on either side.

A shower caddy can also be hung on the wall to store and organise gift wrapping supplies and keep everything easily accessible.


If you're someone who likes to display your nail polish collection (or make-up or jewellery), a cake stand is a decorative and attractive storage solution. Plus it's much easier to find the item you're after, as opposed to rummaging through a drawer or bag. 

A cake stand can also look great in the kitchen, and can be used to corral 'like' items or categories, such as with this tea and coffee station.


A divided cutlery tray on a shelf in your closet is perfect for storing and organising your jewellery collection (find similar options at Ikea).

It's also a great storage solution in the bathroom for storing toothbrushes and toothpaste, and keeping countertop clutter to a minimum.


Trays are a perfect storage solution in nearly every room of the house to organise different items. I use one in my bedroom to hold my perfume collection.

But it's also a great idea for holding magazines and crosswords that you're currently reading - just slide it under the couch when you're finished to hide the clutter!


A hanging wall pocket is an extremely versatile product! It can be especially useful inside a laundry cupboard to hold cleaning products.

And the separate pouches are ideal for organising kids' art and craft supplies.


Attach a piece of strong string or thin wire to hooks inside a cupboard to hold rolls of gift wrap neatly inside a cupboard.

And a wire grid makes just about the coolest noticeboard I ever did see!


Finally, a tiered hanging basket can add loads of extra storage in the kitchen for those random items that can clutter up the benches...

Or store those itty bitty kids' belongings in a nursery or bedroom. 

Which of these unusual but effective storage ideas could you try today? Let us know in the comments below!