Ideas for an organised linen cupboard

I recently shared the build of our storage cupboard, and this week I'll be showing you the plan I created for setting it up, and how I went about getting everything organised inside it. Here's to finally having a dedicated spot for housing all our linen!

This post includes some of the inspiration pictures I used when trying to figure out how to best utilize the space in our own storage/linen cupboard. 

1 | This very narrow cupboard is maximizing its use of space by stacking essentials inside storage baskets. Blankets can be squeezed onto the shelves by rolling them - which is also my favourite way to pack clothes into a suitcase!

2 | These white baskets are easy to find at the local dollar store, and are just the right size for storing essential supplies. Pillows and blankets are neatly stacked in larger baskets on the cupboard floor. And how great are those big, easy-to-read labels!

The Homes I Have Made

The Homes I Have Made

3 | Who doesn't love seeing a makeover? Stacked piles of 'things' rarely work as it's so hard to keep them looking neat. Baskets and lidded boxes are a much easier option as items are contained and less likely to topple over!

4 | Using coordinating baskets with simple tied-on labels is a great way to keep everything grouped and arranged based on how often they are used.

5 | Smaller baskets are a great idea for storing linen, and the bigger matching ones are perfect for those awkward items like pillows and beach towels. If you've got nice deep shelves at the top of your cupboard, then they are the perfect spot for storing blankets and bigger quilts.

6 | The baskets used in this picture are similar to these ones from Ikea, which are such an easy way to corral loose items. If you store a lot of extra bathroom products or medicines in your storage/linen cupboard, these baskets are a very cost-efficient option.

7 | Open wire baskets are another great storage solution for housing bedding and towels. They also allow you to to see at a quick glance what you have or need, and where everything is. Wire baskets are super easy to attach labels to as well!

8 | There are a few great things going on in this storage cupboard. I'm a fan of the chrome shelf dividers to keep everything looking neat; metal labels placed directly on the shelves; spray painted baskets; and the fabric covered bucket with cleaning supplies. These little touches can really inspire and encourage you to keep your space organised.

9 | Having matching baskets contributes to a cleaner look, and is the perfect way to group 'like items' together. A whole shelf dedicated to towels is a luxury too!

10 | This space is probably as close to my own cupboard as I could find, due to the L shape. I like the labels hanging off hooks, but worry they would get ruined when things are getting pulled out or returned. The extra space on the top shelf is perfect for storing bulkier items like suitcases and pillows.

Source unknown

Source unknown

11 | Another cupboard showing how rolling towels can save space. The white step-shelves for sheets and linen are a good way to 'double' existing space as they act like another shelf. I like the rails on the door for hanging more special pieces rather than folding or rolling - might save on a bit of ironing too!

Feeling inspired? However you organise your space, it has to be what works best for you and your family to maintain. If you can't see yourself neatly folding and stacking towels, then baskets/storage tubs are probably the way to go. And of course, labels are imperative for knowing where everything is!

Stay tuned this week to see how I organised my own storage cupboard!