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Over the next 2 weeks, I'm turning my organising focus to pantries, and what factors contribute to a well-organised and top functioning pantry space. At the start of the new year, the pantry is often the first place people tackle to try and get it more sorted and working well for the family for the year ahead. It's definitely one of my favourite spaces to organise! Get ready for some inspiration, because these 'real-life' pantries (as opposed to those stylized and completely unrealistic ones that look like no-one even uses them!) will give you lots of ideas and tips for getting yours better organised. Let's dive in!

I'd love to have as much pantry space as this one from Eleven Gables! Woven baskets look fantastic in any space, and hide those more unsightly items like bags or packets of food. The stackable baskets holding the cans could also be used in a wardrobe - it's always a good idea to shop your home to see if you have any storage items that could be put to perfect use elsewhere.

This space from The Vintage Wren also uses baskets and jars to make everything look neat and clean. Try to find jars or containers for your pantry that either fit the height of the shelves or are stackable to maximise your storage space. 

The Social Home uses dollar-store containers, jars and storage bins that perfectly fill the cupboard space. The cost of all these containers was just $48, which goes to show you don't need to spend a lot to achieve a great-looking space. Her DIY labels also make everything pretty and cohesive. 

This huge pantry from Blesser House was also a cheap makeover - those weathered wood pantry crates are actually paper-covered nappy boxes! Sometimes a great-looking [and functioning] pantry is all about the labels, and these blackboard stickers look so unique. I miss mine sometimes!

This pantry from Shanty 2 Chic uses the same pull-out baskets for 'loose' items that I used to have in my fridge. They are seriously so perfect for quickly pulling off the shelf and grabbing what you need. Clear containers work best in the pantry because you'll know exactly what you have and need, so it makes grocery shopping a whole lot easier. 

How great are these colourful baskets in Two Twenty One's pantry - because every space should make you feel happy when you open the door, right? If you've got the extra space, the pantry can also be the perfect place to store non-food related, bulkier items out of sight, such as vases, food processor, jugs. These can be stored on the very top shelf or right down the bottom. Keep the items you access regularly at a height that's easiest for you to grab (or for the kids to reach themselves).

Here's another great example of colour in the pantry from House of Smiths, this time being used on the back walls to make the beautiful jars and crates stand out. How great are those decorative labels too!

Pull out drawers (like the ones below from BHG) are definitely on my wish-list for our new kitchen. They just make everything so easy to access, and you're not going to lose items at the back of the cupboard because you can see exactly what you've got. Love 'em!

I also love these divided storage bins (labelled of course) from IHeart Organizing for sorting different categories like bread, chips, potatoes and onions. These versatile containers are also great in the fridge, freezer...or even for holding paperwork!

If you're a keen baker, then storing your baking supplies in a separate cupboard (like this pretty one from BHG) might be worth your while if you have the storage space. It not only frees up extra room in the main pantry, it also makes baking a whole lot easier as you can quickly find what you need. The step shelf (like the one I use to organise my spice collection) gives you extra storage space for things like small jars and tins.

I've saved the best for last, this pantry from A Bowl of Lemons is definitely my favourite! So bright and colourful, and utilizing a range of great storage solutions to organise the space perfectly. The lined wire baskets hide the less 'pretty' items, while the storage units on the back of the door provide great extra storage space for bottles and condiments (this is the same organising system I used for my gift wrapping station).  

Isn't this a pretty view? Everything neat, organised and beautifully labelled. Love it!

Hope you've got some inspiration to get your pantry organised. Let me know which ideas you're going to adopt in the comments below, and have fun working on your pantry!

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