15 Benefits of an organised kitchen

On the blog last week, I shared a video on how I organise my fridge and pantry after a big grocery shop. There are definitely moments when I appreciate having a well-organised kitchen, and unpacking the groceries into a neat and clutter-free space is one of those times. It just makes everything so much easier! Today I wanted to share 15 benefits of having an organised kitchen - you'll always be a step ahead if you've got this space sorted, I promise!

1. Safety

This is the number 1 reason why I keep my kitchen organised, as my 2 young kids are constantly running in and out of the kitchen when I'm cooking. Too many things on the benches, over-filled cupboards, tripping hazards and sharp objects stored unsafely are all accidents waiting to happen. A clutter-free kitchen will reduce fire hazards, as well as potential accidents, and give you peace of mind.

2. Aesthetics

You spend a huge amount of time in your kitchen daily, so you want somewhere you can feel calm, happy and productive. Keeping benches as clutter-free as possible, and have effectives storage for the items in your cupboards will provide a more welcoming and comfortable space to work in.

3. More effective storage

Using the space that you have in the best way possible is all about maximising your storage capabilities and ensuring every item has it's own place. Storage racks, bins, baskets, containers, turntables, under-the-shelf and over-the-door organisers will make your life much easier because you can quickly find what you're looking for. 

4. Saves money

If your pantry, fridge and freezer are so jam-packed that you can't actually find the ingredient you need, you'll probably re-purchase it without realising that it was hidden up the back all along! Organising these spaces so that the food items are visible and easy to access will save you money on grocery shopping. You'll also be less-inclined to spend money on kitchen equipment if you know there is really no space for them in your kitchen, rather than trying to jam-pack it in. 

5. Saves time

A well organised kitchen can lead to other time-efficient habits such as meal planning, quicker grocery shopping and unpacking, and easier meal prep. These things, combined with organised cupboards and great storage, will save you an enormous amount of time. Sometimes putting in that bit of extra time and effort at the start to get things organised can be the biggest time (and stress) saver down the track.

6. Teaches children responsibility

Both my 2 and 4 year old help me with tasks in the kitchen - they help put away the clean dishes, put their dirty dishes in the dishwasher and set the table (not always willingly I must admit!). These tasks would be a lot more difficult and time-consuming in a messy and cluttered space. So, not only are the children learning about responsibility and helping out, they are also learning the essential skill of organisation. Win win!


7. Allows you to meal plan more effectively

Meal planning is a breeze when you:

- can see what you have

- have set systems in place for planning dinners

- can easily access favourite recipes, and

- writing a grocery list is a not a big deal.

I've managed to get my big shops down to once a month, with a top-up once a fortnight and as needed for essentials like milk, bread, eggs, yoghurt. This is because I plan out the month and know what is coming up. By following this 4-step process, my kitchen stays organised and I feel more on top of things. 

8. You can see what you have/use

Sometimes kitchen cupboards are packed to the brim with equipment that is no longer needed or even used. Throwing away broken products or donating items you no longer use will free up more valuable space in your own cupboards. This will allow you to organise your essential kitchen appliances much more effectively. 

9. You can find what you need

Going hand-in-hand with seeing what you have means you can easily find what you need! Once you've gotten rid of those items you no longer use, it will be much easier to find what you're looking for in a flash, which saves you time in the long run.

10. Food stays fresher longer

Keeping food in containers rather than packets in the pantry will really extend its life and encourage it to stay fresher for longer. Those nasty bugs that can live in pantries are actually attracted to the glue on the packaging, so putting things in containers also has major health benefits. Proper storage not only keeps food in better condition and safe from the growth of bacteria, it also reduces waste and saves you time and money.

11. Functionality

A well-organised kitchen is one that functions easily, where you can move around without tripping over things, you have everything you need at hand, and cooking dinner isn't a process of moving one thing out of the way to get to the next. The ideal kitchen should be set up in a 'triangle' of  prep space - cooking space - clean-up space, to make the cooking process a whole lot easier. 

12. There's less to clean

The less 'stuff' you have on your benches, window-sills, in cupboards, on shelves - the less you have to clean! Consider what you could get rid of/move to make cleaning the kitchen an easier process.

13. You can invite guests over

Being embarrassed about having friends or family over to your home because of your disorganised kitchen should be a huge motivator to get it sorted! You want to feel proud of your home, and be happy to have guests over, and a neat and organised kitchen is a big step towards that.

14. You'll be more productive

We are more productive in our kitchen because it is easy to work in and a space we enjoy being in. We will often prepare meals that can be used over a few nights, batch cook, bake and make lunches for the week on a weekend. An organised space is one that makes you feel more productive, and being ahead with food prep is a great time-saver on busy weeks.

15. You want to spend time in it

Most importantly, the kitchen is the heart-of-the-home and probably the room you spend a lot of time in. So having a space that you're happy to be in is a huge benefit of an organised kitchen! 

Are there any other benefits of having an organised kitchen that you could add to the list?