How to organise food storage containers {Quick Tip}

I'm sure many of you can relate to overflowing plastics cupboards, with mismatched lids or ones that no longer fit properly, old tatty containers, and never being able to find what you're looking for. I think food storage containers have actually been multiplying in our house over the last few years! Here's how I put a system in place to try to organise them.

I did a clear out recently, just to get rid of any that were stained beyond repair, very old and tatty, or had lost their lid. I would highly recommend this if you're feeling frustrated every time you open the plastics cupboard! I've bought a lot of glass containers over the last year to store fruit and vegetables as I was worried about the effects of BPA plastics on food, and read that glass was a much safer option.

However, if you saw my newly-organised fridge, you may have spotted the new Tupperware containers for the fruit and veg. So now I need a lot more room to store all the glass containers! #storagecontainerhoarder. I'll be using these for leftovers to store in the freezer, so nothing lost.

The picture below shows most of what we have (there are a few more in the fridge). I use a whole cupboard to store the containers. I used to have everything on the one shelf, but it was a nightmare trying to get anything in or out. I find the containers stack quite well in their different sizes on the top shelf...

While the bottom shelf holds lid containers, place-mats and mason jars for our lunches.

As we have both round and square/rectangular containers, I separated the lids into these 2 storage baskets (around $3 each from the dollar store). I like the baskets because they slide in and out so you can easily find what you're looking for. It's also much easier to have the different shapes separated.

The mason jars do take up quite a bit of storage space when not in use (and in the fridge) so this is something to think about if you have a small kitchen but want to go the mason jar salad route... although I highly recommend them as they are delish!

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So that's my quick tip for today - separated areas for lids and containers, and pull out baskets to sort the different lid shapes to make finding what you need easier.. Give it a try! You can read more in the Quick Tip series here.

How do you organise your food storage containers? Do you have a dedicated cupboard/shelf?

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