Using jars for lunch storage

Today I'm excited to be launching a new weekly series to the blog called 'Quick Tips'. These posts will include a simple tip or trick for things I use/do around my home that you may find useful, or may like to try in your own lives.

These tips will be related to any one of my favourite topics:

  • organisation
  • storage
  • home improvement
  • cleaning
  • kids
  • cooking and food

So, to start of the series, today's 'quick tip' is about lunch storage using mason jars.

If you follow me on Instagram you would've seen the delicious lunch I made yesterday, an idea and recipe I saw on The Living Room a few weeks back for 'quinoa salad in a jar' (although I substituted couscous for the quinoa).

I use mason jars around my home, and think they are great for storage, but I never would have thought to use them for storing food. They did a great job and I think the salad looks so pretty! (Food can look pretty, right?!)

I got these mason jars from the local dollar store for only $3 (I grabbed 6 of them). Then simply loaded up the jar with the delicious ingredients, starting with the dressing...

Adding hard-boiled eggs, corn and couscous...

Then roast pumpkin...

And finally the salad. It is very important to put the salad leaves at the top so they don't get soggy, as they are away from the dressing. 

I made 4 quantities (for 2 lunches for hubby and I), and put them in the fridge to grab in the morning. At lunchtime, I just turned the jar over so the dressing went all over the ingredients as they were tipped into the bowl. Yummy!!

Saw this idea using small mason jars for fruit storage - might be a good thing to try next!

Do you use mason jars in your home? Have you ever used jars to store food or make lunches?

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