Quick tips for storing and organising meat in the freezer

In the last episode of The Organised You TV, I showed you how we unpack the groceries after a big shop and organise the fridge and pantry. In Part 2 today, I'm showing you how we store and organise the meat that we buy in bulk into our second freezer (which is currently located in the laundry). We are super lucky to have a second freezer, and it's a luxury I know not everyone has! But buying meat in bulk (as much as you can squeeze into your freezer!) is a great option for several reasons: it saves you time and money, you don't need to shop as often, and you are rarely caught out at dinner time because you've got supplies on hand. I encourage you to give it a try if you don't already!

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Do you buy meat in bulk? What are your tips for storing and organising it in the freezer?

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