Reaching the crazy level

Today is an honest post, as things have been so hectic around here lately that I really need to unleash! I recently took on a new job, and although it is an exciting new venture and I'm really enjoying the challenge, it has also been very time-consuming and a stressful process learning the ropes. Having 4 jobs on the go, plus looking after 2 young kids and running a house, was all getting just a bit too much, and last week I had a big cry. Emotions have been running high this month for sure!

The last thing I want to do is whinge - I'm extremely lucky to have so many fantastic opportunities, and a super-supportive husband who plays a big part behind-the-scenes at The Organised You. Plus a wonderful family who will do anything to help me out. I am forever grateful to all of them.

Sometimes, though, I think things have to reach the crazy level to make you realize you've taken on too much, and that was the point I reached last week. My husband sat me down and basically said something had to change to save both our sanities! I'm so glad he said it. We had a big brainstorm about different things we could both be doing to try to make our lives easier. 

So this week, I actually ended up quitting one of my jobs, and pulling back on another, so I can focus more on the business and most importantly, spending time with my kids while they're little. I've made a few adjustments this week to the way I approach household tasks, and am trying out some easier methods of meal-planning, supermarket shopping, cleaning etc. I'll see how they go and share with you over the next few months. 

Thanks for your understanding. I'll be back on Tuesday with more in the Quick Tip series, and am excited to share lots of wardrobe and clothes organising goodness in May... videos included I promise!

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