Super simple ideas for organising toys

Getting the toy clutter under control is a daily task that most mothers are probably familiar with. Some days this can be more challenging than others, depending on what activities your kids have been getting stuck into! Setting up great workable systems for keeping toys organised involves several key factors:

  • kids need to be able to easily find what they need
  • they should be able to find toys independently (you're trying to avoid the 'Mum, I can't find my ...' dilemma!)
  • toys should be categorized so everyone know where everything belongs
  • pack-up time should be fairly easy

On today's episode of The Organised You TV, I'm sharing how I've organised our kids' toys while we're staying at my parent's house [as our house is being renovated]. A few super simple systems from home that we've managed to recreate in this new environment shows that you can get toys organised, whatever the situation. Hope you get some useful ideas from the video, and don't forget to download your free toy organising labels on the button below. Happy organising!


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