The easiest way to get out the door stress-free and on time!

If you had to name the main clutter zones in your house, it would probably include one (or both) of the following 2 hot spots...

  1. The kitchen bench or table, where paperwork, lunch boxes, keys, glasses, mail and random bits and pieces often get dumped.
  2. The entryway. Whether you enter through the front door or through a side or back entrance, the entryway is often where shoes, bags, keys, coats and hats get thrown.

If you don't have organised zones set up to 'catch the clutter', then it's easy for the mess to build up and become overwhelming.

In today's video, I'm focusing specifically on how to create a more organised entryway. I'm showing you exactly how we set ours up, and the storage systems we use for our most-used items. Not only is having organised systems in the space helpful to catch the clutter when we arrive home, it also makes getting out the door on time in the morning easier (thus reducing stress!), as everything is ready to grab-and-go. 

If you're wanting to set up an organised entryway in your own home, be sure to click the button below to get your FREE planner. It will help you list ideas for how to create systems that will reduce clutter and stress in your own entryway. Win win! 


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  2. Do you have storage options in your entryway?

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