A behind-the-scenes look at our home renovation

If you've been reading along with the blog, you would know that we are currently in the middle of a major home renovation. In today's episode of The Organised You TV, I'm sharing a behind-the-scenes look at the progress, as well as a realistic look at what a home can really look like during such a big project (hint: lotsa mess!).

I previously shared with you all the big decisions we've made for our new home, so it'll be a really exciting process to see it all coming together over the next few months, as the 'building' part finishes and the finishing touches take place!

Hope you enjoy the video... excuse the chatter of my kids in the background - not so easy to film a video with them running around! :)


Our builders are the fantastic team at ID Built - contact michael@idbuilt.com.au if you've got an upcoming project and live in the Melbourne area. I can highly recommend them!

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  1. Have you ever been through a home renovation?
  2. If yes, can you share any helpful tips for how you survived it?!

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