Where and how to find extra storage in your home

Trying to find extra storage space in your home can be tricky, so thinking outside the box about the 'hiding' places in each space of the house is key. Consider trying the back of a door, a narrow space, double-duty drawers, floating shelves, hanging baskets, under-shelf storage, ottomans and vertical wall space. Let's take a look at the different rooms of the house to see where and how it's possible to find a bit of extra storage space!


If there's one thing that is essential to keeping your family organised and on track, it would have to be the family command centre. But sometimes trying to carve out a space in your home to set this up can be difficult, especially if you have a small kitchen or living area. The picture below shows how utilizing one side of a fridge cabinet with some simple built-in bins and a cork-board is the perfect little nook for family organisation, and doesn't take up a lot of space. (Source: BHG)

Do you have a charging station set up in your home? If not, all those devices, cords and gadgets might start to take over your kitchen benches, and waste valuable work space. Have a look around your house for a spare drawer to which you could attach a power strip and hide the devices away while they're charging - perfect! (Source: Houzz)

Do you have stairs in your home? How do you utilize the space underneath them? The space under the stairs can really be a gold-mine for added storage! The clever set-up below uses pull-out shelves to hide items away, but still make them easily accessible. This could also be a great place for hiding away coats, shoes and bags. (Source: Babble)

How cool are these hidden toy storage bins? Erin tapped into some empty space in the wall under a window to create these clever built-ins for hiding away toy collections. This might take some thinking outside the box to implement in your own home, but could there be any untapped storage space in your walls? I'm off to investigate... actually, I'm sending my husband off to investigate! (Source: Sunny Side Up)

The back of the door is one of my favourite storage solutions and I use this trick all over my home. The picture below shows a great gift wrapping station on the back of a closet door. This handy set up makes all those wrapping essentials easy to find, and also saves essential storage space elsewhere. (Source: Chronicles of Home)

An ottoman is a fantastic solution for hiding away all sorts of visual clutter. They are particularly great in the living/family room for hiding toys as you can pretty much just throw them all in, making for easy pack up! (Source: Rooms Interior Design)


This pull-out cleaning supply cabinet under the kitchen sink would save a ton of space. Instead of having the under-sink shelves packed with cleaning products and dishwashing essentials, it compresses them into a small section which hardly takes up any space. The removable built-in caddy can also be taken around the house when cleaning. What a great space-saving solution! (Source: Apartment Therapy)

How about adding a small end cabinet in the kitchen for everyday cleaning supply storage? I am doing everything I can to try to get this idea into our new kitchen plans, as I feel like I'm always reaching for the broom, especially with a messy toddler around. Love this idea! (Source: Top Inspired)

Here's a super-simple storage trick you could implement today - just add a magazine file to the back of a cabinet door and use it to store food wrap, or container lids, or chopping boards. Sturdy magazine files are a really versatile storage option and can easily be hidden away inside a cupboard door. (Source: Good Housekeeping)


Pull-out drawers are fantastic in any space of the home, but I particularly love how this bathroom vanity one also serves as a nifty storage spot for hair tools and supplies. (Source: Apartment Therapy)

Or you could just add a wire basket to one side of the vanity to store your hair tools! (Source: Dream Green DIY)

Here's another creative idea for adding storage to your bathroom by using the back of the door. These acrylic organisers stick onto any hard flat surface and are a great way to organise the 'little things'. I love the toothbrush holders! (Source: Apartment Therapy)

Consider where you could add storage on the narrow surfaces around your home. Jars, trays and bowls are great options for these spaces, while hanging baskets on rods are perfect in the bathroom or kitchen. (Source: BHG)


Whatever room of the house you're wanting to add storage to, always look at maximizing every inch of vertical wall space. Try using the space above the hanging clothes to squeeze in storage baskets or bins, and at the bottom of the wardrobe for shoes, bags or belts. (Source: BHG)

A storage ottoman at the end of the bed can also be the perfect storage solution for holding any number of things - extra bedding, blankets, pillows, bags, books... or shoes! (Source: Homedit)

If you've got kids, then trying to find storage for books that are still easily accessible can be tricky. These slimline shelves are a great way to add book storage without taking up essential floor space. You could put shelves on just one wall or a whole doorway like the picture below - so sweet! (Source: Project Nursery)


Looking again at the back of the door (told you it was my favourite hidden storage space!), these hanging pockets are a very versatile solution. Use them to hold cleaning products, or beauty products in a bathroom vanity, or to hold the everyday essentials (hats, sunscreen, sunglasses etc) in an entryway or closet. (Source: 36th Avenue)

Floating shelves are a great way to use vertical space in a small area. Teaming them with baskets, trays and storage bins increases the amount of storage space you have without the need for bulky pieces of storage furniture. (Source: Four Generations One Roof)


Garages are notorious for being messy and cluttered due to not having enough storage space, or the space not being used in the best way. The picture below uses the wall studs for shelving, hooks and hanging storage. Tension ropes are also the perfect solution for holding a sports ball collection. (Source: Designed to dwell)

Another great idea for the garage is to add narrow shelves to whatever vertical surface you can find, for added storage. A pegboard is a great choice for hanging tools and saving valuable bench space. 

Hope you've found some valuable ideas here that could be implemented in your own home to achieve some extra storage space! What's your favourite 'hidden' storage technique?