11 Organised wardrobe ideas

If you opened up your wardrobe/chest of drawers right now, what would you be faced with? Is your bedroom floor covered in clothes or can you never find anything to wear because you can't easily access all your items? Or have you got some good clothes sorting systems already in place? I'm very particular about having mine super-organised - I'm not a fan of having clothes on the floor, on chairs, or at the bottom of the closet, mainly because I want getting dressed in the morning to be as painless as possible! I'm also a stickler for having everything folded, although I admit that I rarely iron.

If you have trouble keeping your wardrobe sorted and organised, I've got some inspiring ideas and easy tips for you in today's post!

1. I wanted to show you images that are realistic and achievable - we certainly can't all have huge walk-in closets, but you can always take elements from an inspiring space to incorporate into your own. The picture below is a great example of how to divide clothes into categories (skirts, pants, shirts/blouses, chunky jumpers, cardigans etc) so you can easily find everything and put an outfit together.

2. The open shelves at the bottom of this closet are perfect for holding many pairs of shoes, while the cubby holes on the left (which could be easily achieved with the Ikea Kallax) hold folded tops and bags. I love the splash of glamour in this closet - adding paint or colourful wallpaper and a beautiful light fixture can totally transform a space.

3. How's this for a dramatic closet ceiling? Love it! The clear-paneled storage boxes are an ideal size for storing out-of-season clothes and are easy to access and slide off the shelf with the large handle.

4. I am a fan of storage boxes if you've got open shelving. Pretty labels - like the ones I used for a client's wardrobe makeover - encourage you to put everything back where it belongs.

5. You could place the boxes in a cubby system and get creative with their appearance by using easy-to-change chalkboard labels.

6. If you don't have a chest of drawers, wide woven baskets can act as drawers, and slide in and out on open shelves. Flocked hangers prevent items for slipping off, and are great space-savers because they are so slim.

7. Sometimes folding and stacking too many items is counter-productive, as they can topple when you try to grab something from the bottom. Shelf dividers are a great option for keeping those stacks organised, and you can fit quite a few along a shelf.

8. This is organisation to the extreme! Of course I totally love it. Dividing your socks, underwear and bras (using a diamond organiser, drawer divider or slim box organisers) prevents everything from becoming a jumbled mess.

9. Wire basket or drawers are a great option for oranising clothes that don't need to be hung. We have them in my son's wardrobe, and because they are wire (with labels of course!), he can easily see what belongs where. I also like the inspiration boards in the picture below with outfit ideas so you can try out some new looks.

10. Do you prepare the week's outfits in advance? Having labels for each day of the week (made from cardboard circles or old CD's) keeps everything ordered and saves stress getting ready in the mornings.


11. Had to end on a bit of eye candy - colour-coded, organised wardrobe heaven! :)

Hope you've picked up some ideas to get your clothes more organised. If you are in need of wardrobe decluttering help, you can read more about the process and contact me here.

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