Bedroom Makeover: Getting stuck in!

There's nothing better than launching into a makeover without quite expecting it! My husband and I do love to plan our projects, but this bedroom makeover actually happened quite incidentally. I'm excited to show it to you over the next 3 weeks, it has progressed nicely (albeit slowly!) and we are now absolutely loving our new bedroom space. Ready to launch in?

So, we were all just hanging out in our master bedroom a few months ago - the kids were jumping on the bed and we were looking around the space trying to figure out exactly what wasn't working for us. It is a very big space, so it has been a bit of a challenge from the start to set-up.

First and foremost, we were regretting the dark blue wall colour we had selected 2 years earlier. It's a lovely colour but in such a big room, it makes the space feel quite dark and enclosed. We do have 2 windows at one end of the room which let in some natural light, but the colour just wasn't working (try to picture a bed in that big space below the window, I forgot to take photos before we started moving things around! #badblogger).

UPDATE: If you've got an upcoming home project, then grab this handy free project planner to help you stay on track and plan the perfect space!

I was complaining to hubby about the lack of natural light in the home office area, which made it a bit unappealing to work at (although it actually looks quite nice and bright in the photo below!) I've shared how I organised and set it up here.

I also wasn't loving the size of the desk, because I couldn't spread out my things. I know, first world problems right? I did love the storage from the 2 Expedit units on the sides, so we were wondering how to keep some of the home office set-up without having to do an entire new makeover.

So, of course, without even really thinking, we launched in - moving the bed and bedside tables, taking apart the home office area, and removing frames from walls. Sometimes just moving the position of major pieces of furniture can make it feel like a whole new space, so that's what we attempted first.

Because the Expedits could be separated from the desk piece, we could easily move them to...

The other end of the room. So much better! Next to the 2 windows, it suddenly became a lovely bright space for me to work at.

My husband got this beautiful piece of wood (similar here) to make a new desk - it actually came as one large piece, so there was no need for cutting or adjusting. He attached these legs in 3 different spots so it was nice and sturdy. I like the industrial feel of the metal and wood.

We removed those curtains from the top window (which were only ever meant to be temporary, but stayed there for 2 years!) and replaced them with a simple white blind. Wish I'd done this earlier, as it looks so much cleaner.

Here's how the room was looking by the end of the weekend:

Of course, from this point, we needed to make at least 1000 more changes, but it was lovely that in just one short weekend, we had a more appealing and better-functioning home office space! Stay tuned over the next few weeks as I share the rest of the bedroom makeover, and the final reveal. A huge improvement on our original space!

UPDATE: Got an upcoming project at your home? Use the free planner below to figure out what is and isn't working and create a wish-list of ideas in order to create the perfect new space!

Have you been doing any impromptu makeovers around your home? Do you prefer to plan your home changes or jump right in?

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