Bedroom Makeover: The Big Reveal!

I'm so excited today to finally be revealing our entire bedroom makeover! It's been a long project, and much bigger than we anticipated when we started the whole process. As I shared at the start of this journey, we loved the massive master bedroom space we are lucky enough to have, but wanted to change the furniture layout and the overall way the space was being used. The makeover had several different components including:

Here's the final reveal of our bedroom makeover!

We have been talking about getting a king-size bed forever, and finally took the plunge a few months ago and ordered one online. I had been searching for a tufted headboard, with some sort of storage system underneath, and stumbled upon the perfect one with Brosa Online. The only problem was it took 3 months to make and ship to us, so it was quite a long wait. But oh so worth it! Thankfully my husband is a pro at putting things together, so I went off to a meeting one afternoon and left him with these 3 enormous boxes...

And came home to this! Of course it had to be tested by ou munchkins first :)

Here's the rest of the room (with sources included underneath) starting with our amazing bed - I swear, every night is the best sleep ever, such a worthwhile investment.

UPDATE: This photo has been featured on Shutterfly - 75 Bright Bedroom Lighting Ideas & Photos! Check it out here >>

How amazing is this feature - the base of the bed lifts up so we gain a ton of extra storage. Most of the dismantled nursery furniture, as well as some music equipment and cases, is kept in here. It is truly a fantastic storage space.

The right-hand side of the room holds our antique sewing unit and a collection of framed photos,. The ones on the wall are from our trip to Europe many moons ago.

The back wall has our organised storage cupboard and the mirrored doors to our walk-in wardrobe.

Here's the left side of the the room, with our awesome new home office area.

I did end up switching my daughter's and our dresser, which I'll share in an upcoming post, and this bigger one really works so much better in this space. My jewellery display and perfume tray are now much less of a squeeze on top of the dresser.

I ended up decorating the home office area with pops of yellow and grey to match the bedding. The shelves hold more decorative pieces, while the office supplies are concealed behind drawers and closed doors.

Ikea Expedit units (similar here); Ikea storage boxes; all decorative items from Deja Vu Interior

I created this master list of to-do's for my business using peel and stick dry-erase sheets, a blank photo frame and some decorative backing material. The list helps to keep me on track, but is also concealed from view. The one tricky part about having a home office in your bedroom is trying to keep the two areas separated. I don't want to be thinking about work when I'm lying in bed that's for sure!

I love the pop of bright colour this filing cabinet brings, as well as keeping all our paperwork organised. Before, the paperwork was spread out over 4 big storage boxes, so I love having everything contained in the one spot now. Full 'how-to' coming soon!

We are really loving every element of the new room, and feeling extra happy to have this major makeover ticked off the list! Now, onto the children's bedrooms #itneverends #butweloveagoodproject! I hope you've enjoyed following along with the journey.

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