How to organise kids' accessories

As part of all the posts on wardrobe organisation this month, I thought I'd also focus on getting kid's clothes and accessories organised and under control. Next week, I'll be showing you a video of how our we've set up our own kids' wardrobes, but today I'm focusing on how to organise accessories, including hairbands and clips, bags and hats.

As I have both a boy and a girl, I have noticed that my daughter has infinitely more 'stuff' than my son, and am sure that this is only going to grow as the years go by. This includes corralling all the headbands and clips. I saw a great idea on Pinterest for using an old formula tin (any large tin would work) as a headband holder.

I covered the tin with some scrapbook paper, from the same pack I used when covering boxes in the nursery and creating my weekly planner. I used hot glue to secure it, and covered the paper-joins and top and bottom of the tin with washi tape. It was a bit of an awkward shape to work with, and it's far from perfect, but because it's covered with the head-bands it's not a big deal. I like that all the hair-clips can be clipped onto the side of the tin so they're easy to grab.

At the moment, we keep this hair accessories organiser on top of the chest of drawers - yes, this is the one I'm planning to steal for our own bedroom - so it'll be needing a new spot soon.

I keep my daughter's hair-ties with mine in a small box in the bathroom, near the hair-brushes. Of course, it would be easier to have all the accessories in the one spot, but there's not a lot of room in our bathroom vanity. Plus I like to grab the hair accessories from the bedroom when I'm choosing my daughter's outfit for the day... wonder how much longer I'll get to choose for? #missindependent.

Other kids' accessories that need organising are bags and hats. I hang some, such as library bags, on a simple 3M hook on the inside of my son's wardrobe. However, I'm eying off some of these cute hooks for my son's bedroom so he can have bags, dressing-gown and his Superman cape all at an easy height. Can't have the cape out of reach!

The kids' kinder and 'day-trip' bags are hung on the hooks in our entryway to save us time getting ready to go in the morning.

I swap the kids' hats out depending on the season, and keep the ones we need in our entryway console, while the others are popped back into the wardrobe for the next season - if they still fit!

You can see more ideas for organising your kids' belongings here:

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