5 essentials for an organised wardrobe

If you're feeling inspired to inspired to get your wardrobe organised, you might be wondering which products are the best to invest in for an organised closet. This will differ for everyone, but I'm sharing my personal favourite essentials in today's post!

1 | Storage boxes

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I'm sure it's no surprise that storage boxes are the top of my list - y'all know I love them! They are perfect for:

- organising your clothes into categories, especially if you don't have a chest of drawers

- storing clothes the kids have grown out of that you need to pass on/donate

- holding out-of-season clothes

- storing 'miscellaneous' wardrobe items such as bathers, gym clothes, hats, or even shoes such as flip-flops or sandals

2 | Good quality hangers

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A good quality hanger can make all the difference to the way your clothes hang and maintain their shape. I used to have wire hangers but found they gave my tops, jumpers and cardigans misshapen shoulders, so I invested in wooden ones a few years back. If I were to buy new ones now, I would go for 'flocked' hangers as they prevent slippage and are slim-line, thus providing you with increased wardrobe space.

Other specialty hangers that are fantastic for maintaining an organised wardrobe are belt hangers (which I shared my love of in this post as they can also hold scarves), tie hangers, clip-hangers for skirts/trousers, and tiered hangers for hanging multiple items and again saving space.

3 | Hooks

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The great thing about hooks is that they can be placed anywhere in the house to help get you organised. We have them at the front door to organise bags, and are going to add more to hold our winter coats. You can use hooks:

- in your bedroom to hang outfits for the next day

- for hanging bags (although I would be wary about hanging leather bags for long periods of time as it could damage the straps)

- on the back of/over your bedroom door to hang your dressing-gown

- inside the wardrobe for belts or scarves

- in kids' rooms so they can access things at their level e.g. bags, coats etc.

Hooks are versatile and definitely a wardrobe essential!

4 | Adequate shoe storage

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There is no point having a beautifully organised closet if you have shoes all over the floor! You could store and organise your shoe collection by using racks, shoe boxes or drawers, hanging/over the door shoe organisers, or a shoe wheel. So many options!

5 | Clothes and shoe care

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It is well worth investing in products that are going to prolong the life of your clothes and shoes. My top picks for shoe-care are leather spray, buffers and shoe polish. For clothes, I use moth balls to prevent any nasty holes in my garments (after a nasty episode with my cardigan being chewed to pieces - disgusting!). This article has some interesting info on the benefits of salt, vinegar and coffee for preserving colours and removing stains. Apart from that, I always try to follow the washing instructions for each garment (using homemade laundry detergent), and folding/hanging things properly. 

What are your top essentials for your wardrobe? Do you have any you could add to the list?

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