How to fold clothes to increase storage {Quick Tip}

In today's post, I wanted to share the simple technique I use to fold t-shirts and singlet tops that provides increased storage in my dresser drawers. I used to stack our folded t-shirts on top of each other, but when we got our new dresser, the drawers were small so I needed a new alternative. Here's the great technique I now use!

So, instead of folding t-shirts and placing them on top of each other in a pile, I now fold and stack tops horizontally, filing them from front to back (like I showed you in our wardrobe declutter video). This method is actually called 'filing your clothes' because everything can be seen from front to back, and if you take one t-shirt out, the others won't topple over. It also allows you to fit more in your drawer, and is a super-simple system for quickly finding what you need.

Here is how I fold t-shirts (this is one of my husband's). At this stage of my life, I rarely iron, but find that smoothing as I go keeps things fairly wrinkle-free!

This is how I fold my singlet tops:

And this is how I stack them in the drawers:

Pretty simple right? As you can see in my drawer, there is still a whole side storage section, so there is potential for storing up to 12 tops folded in this way.

How do you fold and store your t-shirts and singlet tops? Do you have your own folding 'technique'?

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