Monthly wrap-up: May

This month has been all about getting your wardrobe decluttered and organised. It has motivated me to get on top of my own clothes clutter, so I hope you've found it beneficial too. Here's a look back at the wardrobe inspiration for the month of May.

To get everyone, including myself, feeling motivated, I shared some inspiration for an organised wardrobe, as well as my top 5 essentials for an organised wardrobe and tips for organising kids' accessories.

I shared some ideas in my Quick Tip series. This included ideas on how to organise and store scarves and belts using a belt hanger; different ways to display jewellery in order to keep it it accessible and organised; ideas for folding clothes for increased storage; and how to be prepared for workouts by having a storage box of gym clothes ready to go!

As part of The Organised You TV, I shared a video on how to declutter your wardrobe with easy-to-follow steps. I included links to the products and systems we use in our own closet if you wanted to 'shop the wardrobe'.

My final post for the 'wardrobe' series will be a video on Saturday of how I organise the kids' clothes... just have to find a spare second when they're not under my feet to actually film it! Wish me luck :)

More ideas for getting your wardrobe organised here:

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