Monthly wrap-up: May

This month has been all about getting your wardrobe decluttered and organised - I hope you have found it helpful! It has personally motivated me to get on top of my own clothes clutter and modify some systems that weren't working too well. Here's a look back at the posts on wardrobe inspiration for the month of May.

To get everyone, including myself, feeling motivated, I shared some inspiration for an organised wardrobe, as well as my top 5 essentials for an organised wardrobe and tips for organising kids' accessories.

I shared lots of wardrobe organising ideas in my Quick Tip series. This included ideas on how to organise and store scarves and belts using a belt hanger; different ways to display jewellery to keep it it accessible and organised; ideas for folding clothes for increased storage; and how to be prepared for workouts by having a storage box of gym clothes ready to go!

On The Organised You TV, I shared a video on how to declutter your wardrobe with easy-to-follow steps. I also included links to the products and systems we use in our own closet if you wanted to 'shop the wardrobe'.

My final post for the 'wardrobe' series will be the next episode of The Organised You TV, where I'll be sharing how I organise the kids' clothes... just have to find a spare second when they're not under my feet to actually film it! Wish me luck :)

You can find more ideas for getting your wardrobe organised here:

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