My laundry helpers

The title of this post makes it sound like I have a little army of helpers when it comes to laundry time....I wish! Although my 3 year-old son sometimes helps when I am hanging out the washing ("Here's a sock! Here's another one. And another!"), I am usually working solo when it comes to laundry time, as I'm sure most of you are.

Laundry is one chore that, to me, never feels finished. You always have some part of the process to complete, be it the sorting, washing, hanging out, folding or putting away.  When I had my first baby, and the washing suddenly doubled, I began to look for solutions to get it done quicker - so here are a few of the things I use in order to make the whole process a little quicker and more efficient.

1. We installed these drying racks from Ikea in the laundry a few years ago, as I was sick of having a clothes horse in the middle of our lounge room, and I still love them!

They fold down against the wall when not in use for a cleaner look. Our ironing board is squeezed in beside them.

With the 4 of us, I can manage to get one large load of washing hanging on the two racks. Seeing as I do a load every second day or so, this works well as it is dry by the time the next load is ready (we have a heating duct directly underneath them which is very handy). As they are only 54cm deep and 56cm wide, they don't take up a lot of wall space, but you can really fit a lot on them.

2. We hang our laundry basket (from Target, but this particular one not in stock anymore) from a U-shaped hook on the wall so it is not taking up valuable floor space!

3. We purchased these two laundry baskets from Ikea a few years ago for easily separating whites and black/coloured clothes.

This really saves me time in the sorting step (once I had the hubby trained!!) so you can just grab the entire contents of the basket and throw it straight into the washing machine.

4. I love these hanging dryer clothes-pegs (also from trusty Ikea!) for socks, undies, bibs, face-cloths - makes hanging so quick and easy. 

I have two of these. I usually hang the socks in their pairs so time is saved at the sorting stage as I can just un-peg and roll them up. When the pegs are not in use, they just sit on top of my dryer, which is under the bench.


Here are some pictures of great spaces for a bit of laundry inspiration.

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