How to organise your stationery supplies

Hands up if you have an overflowing stationery or junk drawer somewhere in your house? No doubt it is full of those bits and pieces you need close at hand, such as scissors, sticky-tape, textas, rubber-bands.... the essentials! To me, there is no point having these items stored away in a home office or randomly scattered throughout the house - they need to all be in one place and easily accessible. Ideally you might have a drawer in the kitchen, but if your kitchen space is limited, free-standing drawers are another good solution.

We have 2 sets of cardboard drawers that we got from Ikea about 3 years ago (unfortunately I can't see them on their site anymore). They fit perfectly onto this unit that we use as a charging station and to organise our filing, which sits in a corner of the living area. They've had a fair bit of use so are looking a little well-worn, but are still a great storage solution.

The top drawer is where I keep all the stationery that I need to access on a regular basis. My only problem with the drawer was that everything was thrown in and becoming all jumbled up. I can't stand having to dig around for things!! I wanted dividers for the different items, but also wanted it to look pretty. I saw this great idea on Pinterest, using cardboard boxes covered in colourful scrapbook paper to keep everything neatly separated, and knew it was right up my alley!

So after a trip to the supermarket, I made sure to save some of the packaging boxes for this project. I measured the height of the drawers and then cut the cardboard boxes down to size using a box cutter. I then covered each box with some scrapbook paper (tutorial here) so I would get a nice colourful view each time I opened the drawer.

I played around with the arrangement of the boxes to make sure they fit reasonably well inside the drawer. My tape collection is growing, so I'll probably need a new storage solution soon, but for now they fit neatly down the side of the drawer without needing a box to hold them all together.

Here is a look at each section, starting with scissors and glue...

Hole punch, sharpeners and a rubber (my son's favourite tool at the moment!)...

Sticky-tape, double-sided tape and blu-tack...

A few textas and chalkboard textas...

Rubber bands...

Scotch tape and washi tape!

I keep pens and few pencils in the file holder on top of this unit, as I access those all the time.

You could always buy dividers to organise a drawer, but I quite like the option of changing colours or box sizes to fit different items. All in all, a cheap, easy and organised project!

How do you organise your stationery and keep your drawers tidy?

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