I want to hear from you!

While I'm usually here to share helpful advice to help you and your family become more organised, today I'm turning things around and asking for your help!

I'm in the process of creating a detailed resource for you to learn the essential skills for how to organise paperwork in your home, so you can take back control of the paper-clutter and prevent it from taking over your house! But in doing so, I need your feedback. I've created a short survey for my readers to fill out, so I can better understand exactly what you need. 

This is your opportunity to jump in and let me know what you struggle with in terms of paperwork organisation, which areas you need more help and advice in, and what kind of resources would be helpful for you. 

If you're willing to give me a few minutes of your time today, I'd be super grateful! The survey is anonymous, so you can feel free to write whatever you want that you believe would help me create the best resource for you. Thank you so much in advance!