How to pack a swimming bag

If you enjoy taking your children swimming, then you'd know that there is quite a few things to remember when it comes to packing the swimming bag - especially if your kids are younger. Today I'm showing you how I keep our swimming bag organised and ready to go so that we can be out the door and at the pool or beach with as little hassle as possible!

I store our swimming bag in our linen cupboard and it is always packed and ready to go. This makes the mornings when we have swimming lessons run so much more smoothly. As soon as our towels and bathers are dry after a swimming session, they get packed back into the bag so they're ready for our next swim.

I got this beach bag from Bed Bath 'n Table a few years ago. The canvas fabric makes it easy to clean, and it is nice and spacious for 4 family members towels and belongings. I like the front pockets too, to keep the smaller items separate, such as keys, phone, lip-balm etc.

The contents of the bag shown below are what I store throughout the year when we have swimming lessons to attend. There are a few extra things I pack if we are going for a day at the beach.

First up, there are 3 large towels and 1 small one (although, I'll need to update this for my growing girl!). I find that rolling the towels is better than folding as they take up less space.

Next up are our bathers (#redstripeytwins). Obviously, if we're heading to the pool or beach we will be wearing these already under our clothes, but when the bag is in the cupboard I keep the bathers in there so they're all in the one place.

Next up are the 'kiddie essentials'. As my daughter is still in nappies, we need waterproof nappies, a dry nappy to change into, and a nappy bag for accidents. I also pack floaties, goggles and lip-balm, and a plastic bag to put our wet bathers in when it's time to get changed (not shown). I store a laminated list in the front pocket of the bag so I can make sure I haven't forgotten anything before we head out the door. 

Here are the swimming bag contents laid out, so you can see how much I can squeeze into this bag! If we are going to the beach, I would also pack sunscreen, water bottles, hats, sunglasses and snacks (these items are all listed on my checklist). 

I like to put the towels in first... 

And then squeeze everything else into the surrounding space or front pockets. Having the bag packed and ready to go is such a great time-saver for us busy mums! It just makes getting out the door so much easier and prevents all that rushing around.

BONUS: Grab your FREE checklist of what to pack for a beach trip so you've got a handy checklist to refer to so you don't forget anything!

Now I'd love to hear from you in the comments...

  1. Do you have any tips to share for being prepared for family swimming trips?
  2. Do you like to pre-pack your swimming bag or do you prefer to get things ready on the go?