How to pack a swimming bag

Happy Monday everyone, hope you all had a relaxing weekend. My family and I are off to Noosa in a week - so excited! So, today's post is all about how to organise a swimming bag so that you can be out the door quickly and get to the pool or beach hassle free.

I keep our bag in our storage cupboard packed and ready to go, as it just makes the mornings when we have swimming lessons run so much more smoothly. As soon as our towels and bathers are dry after a swimming session, they go back in the bag so they're ready for next time.

I got this beach bag from Bed Bath 'n Table two years ago (similar here). The canvas fabric makes it easy to clean, and it is nice and spacious. I like the front pockets too, to keep the smaller items separate e.g. keys, phone, lip-balm etc.

The contents I'm showing are what I keep in the bag throughout the year when we have swimming lessons to attend. There are a few extra things I pack if we are going for a day at the beach.

First up, there are 3 large towels and 1 small one (although, I'll need to update this for my growing girl!). Rolling towels is always better than folding as they take up less space.

Next up are our bathers (#redstripeytwins). Obviously, if we're heading to the pool or beach we will be wearing these already, but when the bag is in the cupboard I keep the bathers in there so they're all in the one place.

Next up are the 'kiddie essentials'. As my daughter is still in nappies, we need the waterproof nappies, one to change into and a nappy bag for accidents. We also pack floaties, goggles, lip-balm and the checklist that I keep in the front pocket so I can make sure I have everything when I'm headed out the door. The only thing I didn't photograph was a plastic bag to put our wet bathers in when it's time to get changed.

So here are the contents laid out, which easily fit inside the bag. If we are going to the beach, I would also be packing sunscreen, water bottles, hats, sunglasses and snacks (which are all the other items on my checklist). As you can see, the bag really does pack a storage punch!

Towels and other supplies in....

And everything in, with room to spare! This is such a great time-saver, especially if you're a busy mum. It just makes getting out the door so much easier and prevents all that rushing around!

Here are some more cute beach bags with great storage, to get you in the mood for summer!

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