How to cover a cork board

I am so excited to have nearly finished our family command centre, which I will sharing on The Organised You TV this Friday. I always planned to incorporate a cork board, but I wanted to cover it with a nice fabric to make it stand out. Cork boards are a fantastic addition to a command centre, home office or even a kids' bedroom to display artwork (like I did with my son's art pieces).

Those of you who follow me on Instagram would have seen my final choices of fabric. In the end, I decided to go with the bright circles, because who doesn't want a bit more colour in their lives! I bought a large cork board (55 x 45cm) from our local dollar store for only $9 - score! Here's a step-by-step guide on how I made this baby over:

Step 1. Gather materials - cork board, material, pins, double-sided tape and ribbon (which I didn't end up using as I didn't think it needed it).

Step 2. Flip the cork board over to find the staple connecting the border edges together.

Step 3. With a pair of pliers, gently pry the steel clips apart so the frame comes away from the cork.

Step 4. Spray-paint the frame. This took 2 coats, with a 4 hour drying period in between coats. Here's the frame hanging in the garage from our family heirloom bassinet - coming in handy! (Avert your eyes from the half-finished garage...)

Step 5. Give the fabric a good iron to remove wrinkles and creases.

Step 6. When the frame is dry, loosely place the fabric over the cork and gently slot the cork back into place, pushing the steel clips of the frame back together.

Step 7. When the frame is reattached, pull the fabric tight at the back so it sits flush against the cork, and pin it down on the side that won't be seen using thumb-nails.

Step 8. Trim the excess fabric away and fold the corners down so there is no bunching of the material. Pin the corners down.

Step 9. Use double-sided tape to press down loose fabric. It doesn't look pretty from the back but this doesn't matter because no-one is going to see it!

Step 10. Measure the spot you'd like the frame to sit and push some small eyelet screws into the wood on both sides.

Step 11. Nail 2 picture-hanging hooks into the wall, then hang the eyelet hooks over these. We found this hanging method to be steadier than a piece of string/wire along the back of the board, just because it is quite big.

So there you have it, a pretty easy process. Even easier if you decide not to paint the frame, but I prefer this over the plain wood look. I love the pop of colour now in the corner of our living room!

I added some pins down the side for when I start organising it. Stay tuned for this Friday's episode of The Organised You TV, where I will be doing a tour of our whole command center.

(UPDATE: See how I incorporated the cork board into our family command centre in this video!)

Have you got a family command center? Or a fabric covered cork board? If yes, I'd love to see it! Just hashtag #theorganisedyou to show off your space.

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