Creating a memory box to store your keepsakes

If you've ever done a big declutter of your personal items, you would probably be able to relate to the fact that it can be very difficult to decide what keepsakes to hold onto, and what to throw out. Although I consider myself pretty ruthless at getting rid of clutter, I definitely like to hold onto things with emotional value. Today I'm showing you how we store these precious items.

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In the last few years, both my mum and mum-in-law have passed on our childhood memory boxes. I found it so lovely to sit down and go through all the old keepsakes - drawings and stories from primary school, notes and letters from friends, special cards from family, diaries and little knick-knacks. So special, and definitely something I want to be able to pass onto my own children one day...

Had to share this poster from when I was in grade 2, because the letter 'O' just cracked me up - must've been a premonition about my future career-path...

<img src="image.gif" alt="Childhood poster" />

Pictured below is our home office that is within our bedroom. We designed it entirely based on this set-up from IHeart Organizing, as I loved how much storage it provided. Although, I don't really use it as much as I thought I would to do my own work as I prefer the kitchen table which has better lighting! Anyway, you can see all the great storage that is happening! Let's take a closer look...

<img src="image.gif" alt="Home office storage space" />

All the storage boxes are from the Ikea Kasett range, which are nice and sturdy and can hold quite a lot. Ikea are always mixing up their range of paper storage boxes, so you can get different colours rather than just sticking with one, if you prefer a colourful look. I quite like these Kvittra ones at the moment - such different and interesting patterns.

storage solution
storage box
storage container
storage box

On the right side of the unit are 3 boxes - 'Special Cards', 'Photos', and my husband's and my 'Memories and Keepsakes' box (our childhood boxes are kept in a different storage area of the house as they didn't fit here - ideally one day they will all be stored in the one place!). I used washi tape to make the labels stand out a bit.

On the left side of the work unit are my children's 'Memory Boxes' and our filing box for receipts.

A quick peek inside each one.... For now, my children's boxes mainly hold cards from when they were born, birthday cards, their health record books and some special books (art-work is kept in a different spot). The boxes are not overly organised (yet!) as it's really just a place for me to put all the keepsakes as they come in. As these build, I'll have to do a bit of culling!

Memory box for children

Our own 'special cards' box has all our engagement and wedding cards, cards to each other (full of romantic sentiments!), and special ones from family. I don't put all our birthday cards in here - because I don't think I'd ever go back and read through a box of birthday cards - but they do make the cut if they have a special heart-felt message inside! (PS how cute is that little hand, just wanting to be involved in everything mama's doing!)

organising special keepsakes

Finally, we have our own memory box. It is filled with a strange assortment of things, but obviously they all have meaning to us. The box holds flowers that were on our wedding cake, a video of my husband sky-diving, CDs from the days we were both in bands (#cringe), copies of our wedding DVD etc.

Memory box to hold special keepsakes

I know that as our children get older and start to give us handmade gifts and cards that we will definitely want to hold onto them, so I am going to have to think about storage for the future as the boxes won't hold heaps. Hubby has promised to build me a new storage unit soon - he knows the way to my heart! - but for now these file boxes are working perfectly.

Here are some more ideas for storing memories from The Organised You's Pinterest page. I quite like the shadow boxes for preserving extra-special memories, and the travel boxes are a cute idea too.

How do you hold onto and store your keepsakes? Have you ever thought about creating something similar to a memory box?

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