How to line drawers

Ever since my husband made our entryway console, I have wanted to line the drawers. 8 months later, I finally got around to it! Lining drawers is a great way to bring a pop of colour to an otherwise boring looking space - I've done it in my bathroom drawers, a chest of drawers and our kitchen drawers. A quick and easy project to make a blank slate a bit more exciting!

Here are the drawers before I got my hands on them - organised but not looking very exciting (I went into more detail about what is in each drawer here).

After hunting for quite a while for some decorate paper, I found this gorgeous roll at Kikki-K. All I needed for this project was a ruler, pencil, scissors and tape (plus double-sided tape which I forgot to photograph!).

I emptied everything out of the drawers...

And placed the paper on the underside of the drawer to mark the outline for cutting.

Once each liner was cut, I placed 4 strips of tape inside. I peeled the other side off the tape once it was firmly stuck down.

I then carefully laid the paper on top, doing my best to lay it evenly and smoothly.

Then it was time to load everything back in - my favourite part!

I swapped out the Tupperware freezer containers that I'd temporarily put in this drawer as I needed them back in my freezer! I found these ones in my 'small box' collection, and just lined the bottom of them with the same gift wrap as the drawers.

So much better! The unexpected pop of colour when I open the drawers makes me smile :)

You can find more quick tips here. Have you been doing any projects around your house to bring in some extra colour?
I'd love to hear about them!