How to organise your DVD collection

I'm bringing back the 'quick tip' series today, starting with how I recently organised our DVDs into a system that takes up a lot less storage room and is easier to maintain and quickly find what we're looking for.

We don't have a very big collection of DVDs, as we watch most of our movies on the Apple TV. Most are presents that the kids have received. I didn't really have anywhere in the living room to store them, so they were squashed into a drawer of the TV unit drawer with the puzzles... and the drawer was getting difficult to close!

I wanted to store the DVDs in a basket on the bookshelf so they would take up less storage space, and was more than happy to get rid of the bulky plastic covers. I grabbed these slim-line CD shell cases from the local dollar store - I think a 10pk was about $2.

Nice bright colours!

It was a quick and easy job to transfer the DVDs into the slim cases. And I didn't even need to label as I could easily see what was inside. #labelrestraint #noteasy

They now fit in a storage basket, with room to spare, alongside the headphones.

The basket lives on the living room bookshelf with the toy baskets and a more organised magazine pile, since making the house inspiration binder. 

How do you store your DVDs? If they're taking up too much room, this is a quick and easy fix!