Advent Calendar DIY

Have you ever made your own Advent Calendar for your kids? My own children are at the perfect age for some fun Christmas activities, so I decided to tap into my creative side and give it a go. Here's a look at the process of creating your own Advent Calendar.

Last week I decided to tackle the Advent Calendar after seeing this inspiration picture and realising I had the perfect picture frame for the project already in our hallway. Winner!

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I found a template for mini-envelopes, and set about tracing, cutting out, folding and gluing....have to admit there were times I was cursing the fact that there are 24 days in the lead up to Christmas! (I only go up to Christmas Eve as I think there's enough opening to be done on Christmas Day).

This sight at the end did make me happy!

We had the perfect sized frame already hanging in our hallway. When we initially bought it, I removed the glass, hung string across it and hung family photos with mini-pegs. So I knew it would be the perfect size for the Advent envelopes.

I went to the local dollar store and picked up some cute decorations - red and white twine, some red lace tape and stickers (already had the washi tape and mini-pegs) - to do up my envelopes.

Then I got to decorating. Let the fun begin!

Once the decorating was complete, I hung twine across the frame by pushing a pin into each side of the frame and tying the twine around the pin. This process was quite difficult as I had to get the 6 rows evenly spaced, and tight enough so the envelopes wouldn't droop when pegged. It didn't help that my daughter kept pulling on the string and trying to steal the pin container. Some jobs are just easier to do when the kids are asleep!!

The last step in this project was to come up with some Advent calendar fillers to put inside each envelope. I did a bit of Googling and found some great ideas to choose from. I then hand-wrote the activities into a simple template I made up in Word and laminated them so they could last at least a few years.

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Finally, here is the finished product!

My 3 year old is super excited to open each envelope! And a little trick I read the other day is not to put the activity in the envelope until the night before so you can decide which activity would best suit each day. There's only so many days that are suited to gingerbread-men-making!

Admittedly, this little project took me longer than I anticipated, but I'm happy with the result and so excited to do all the little activities with my kids and get into the Christmas spirit!

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