An organised and stress-free approach to 2016

If you've got some time off over the next few weeks from your busy schedule, then it's the perfect time to make a start on some of those tasks you've been putting off throughout the year. Heading into the New Year feeling organised in your home and life will not only give you a calmer and clearer approach, but will also give you back loads of time throughout the year. Remember 'organising is a journey, not a destination' so doing small things now that you can adjust and refine as the year goes by is a great way to start. Here are some ideas...

Tackling the organisation of your freezerfridge and pantry spaces are the top 3 spaces to invest in to save yourself time and money throughout the year. If you get no other tasks done, one [or all] of these areas would definitely be the best place to start. 

If you're in the zone for tackling the organisation of bigger areas in your home, why not start with the most important place - the kitchen! There are heaps of ideas here on how to organise your kitchen, as well as a free printable checklist to tick off as you go. The bathroom can easily be organised with some simple storage solutions, while decluttering your wardrobe is an awesome way to start the year afresh!

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Looking for some simple ways to make your life less hectic throughout the year? Here are a few quick ideas...

- Save time on grocery shopping with a Master Shopping List that you can quickly check and tick off each time you need to buy something from the supermarket

- Set up a workable system for dealing with incoming paperwork to prevent those paper clutter piles all over your benches that take forever to sort through. And make sure everything has its own home with a great filing system!

- Create a family household binder to hold all your important information for the year ahead in one central place, including necessary phone numbers, school information and household chores 

- Set up a command center in your living area or kitchen. They are the BEST solution for storing relevant paperwork and bills, as well as displaying calendars, schedules, invitations and important notes, so that all family members are on the same page.

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If you're after some quick but effective organising ideas, why not set up an organised car kit to be prepared for any situation with kids, or tackle your disorganised handbag with these quick solutions, or create systems in your laundry to get the whole process done more quickly!

There are just so many benefits to being organised that I promise you the time spent now will give you back so much time throughout the year to be doing more of the fun stuff with your friends and family. It will be well-worth the time and effort investment now I guarantee it!

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