Ideas for organising your handbag

In keeping with the 'organised bag' theme for this week, today I'm sharing how I recently did an overhaul of my handbag. This involved purchasing some cheap and simple storage solutions so I could easily access everything without having to fumble around for 10 minutes! Here are the steps for this super-simple organising project...

My first step in any organising project is always to lay everything out and declutter what I can. I even gave my wallet a quick organise and threw out any unused cards and old receipts, and put all the excess coins in our console (for the kids' pocket money). I wanted to make sure only the essential and necessary items were going back into my bag. I also did loose categorizing of the items as I sorted.

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I picked up these cheap pouches from our local supermarket in the stationery section. The black pouch came with the grey purse (pictured above). These little pouches are fantastic solutions for corralling 'like' items together, so you can quickly and easily find what you need.

The black pouch was the perfect fit for some writing utensils and a few notepads for when we're at restaurants or cafes with the kids and they're getting a bit stir-crazy. 

I also popped my headphones in here as they are always getting tangled with other items in my bag.

The pink pouch holds the following items - band-aids, Nurofen, hand sanitiser, deodorant, paw-paw ointment, nail file, spare hair-ties.

The blue pouch holds nappy-bags, a bib and spare undies for my daughter... who sometimes has the odd accident when she's too busy playing!

Here is everything all neat and organised, ready to get packed into my handbag. 

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The black and blue pouches and wipes fit neatly in the side pocket of the handbag. The great thing is, if I don't have the kids with me, I can just remove these 3 pouches so I'm carrying less around, and then pop them back in when the kids are with me. Or even pop them into a different handbag!. This saves transferring individual items, and also keeps everything neatly together.

The middle section of the bag holds my wallet, the 'medical' pouch, sunglasses and sunscreen. The small inner-pocket holds my tissue-pouch and the grey purse, which holds sanitary items. My lip gloss, keys and phone go in the small pocket at the front because I reach for them a lot. If we were going out, I'd be carrying the kids' water bottles too (which admittedly are a pain to lug around!) and snack containers, so I'd probably have to remove the sunglasses case. There is still quite a bit of space in the bag though. 

Here she is all zipped up and ready to roll :) Everything is so easy to find now, and I feel more prepared for any kiddie situation (especially because I've got my car kit as back-up!) Any other essential items you think are necessary for a handbag?

How do you organise your handbag? What are your essential items?