January & February wrap-up

Hi everyone! Today I'm doing a recap of everything that's been going on at The Organised You over the last 2 months, so you can catch up on anything you may have missed. It sure has been a busy start to the year, and I have really enjoyed going back and looking at everything I've managed to accomplish!

I shared what a personal/professional organiser actually does, by showing you the makeovers of one client's sewing room and another client's home office.

The start of the year is the perfect time for some inspiration - from garden sheds, a craft or sewing room to organised linen cupboards, ways to organise the paper clutter, and ideas for creating a family command center. Grab your free printables to get your craft room organised, or your filing cabinet sorted by clicking on the relevant posts!

From all this inspiration, I set myself some goals for the first few months of 2015 to help keep me on track.

I managed to tick most of the items of the list, some turning into bigger projects than I anticipated, and others leading to further organising ideas. Lucky I love to organise! I managed to organise the fridge and the freezer, sort out my sewing supplies and declutter the home office. We also took on some major gardening work and constructed a garden shed for the back garden to create extra space in our garage.

I became a bit binder obsessed, and created a household, finance and house inspiration binder, that are now housed in our command center.

Speaking of command centers, I finally got around to setting one up in the corner of our living room, and am totally loving it, especially the pretty covered cork board. My sister thinks I'm nuts having so many lists going on, but it helps to keep my brain on track! On The Organised You TV, I shared a video tour of the command center, as well as our storage cupboard build and how we organised it. I also shared a video of how we sorted the gardening supplies in our shed.

So all in all a pretty busy few months! How did you go with your organising goals for the start of the year? Did you manage to tick a few off the list? After setting myself so many goals, I'm trying to slow down a bit in March, but still have lots to share with you!

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