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As a professional organiser, I have helped many clients reduce clutter, set up easy-to-maintain systems, and create more organisation in their homes.
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Client Testimonials

Here's what some of my clients have said about the home organising process

'Having downsized in our retirement, we were used to having much more space and much more clutter. I wasn't prepared to live like that any more, so I asked Jo to come and set up my sewing room and my husbands office. It was a fabulous experience. My husband and I were involved during the whole process to ensure that we would ‘know’ the system and use it going forward.
I learned so much from Jo's seemingly effortless ability to see the big picture and categorise our life info meaningful and useable chunks. This has had the effect of lifting a huge load off our backs. We no longer waste time and money searching for something and/or ‘going out and buying it again because it's quicker’. I would highly recommend ‘The Organised You’ because Jo has designed a system specifically for us, it just works! We now have more time for the fun stuff.'
- Alison, Warrugal

'Living in a small home with minimal storage space meant I was constantly feeling overwhelmed when entering every room confronted with bulging clothes racks, brimming filing cabinets, boxes and BOXES of unpacked sentimental collections, a lifetime of photos and books, and a whole lot of junk!
Not knowing where to start, and 'procrastination' being my middle name, Jo came to the rescue. She broke down a mammoth task into manageable steps and set me on a path to freedom, calm and clarity! Jo's gentle guidance, paired with her decisive and practical nature steered me through this huge and sometimes emotionally difficult project with such understanding, patience, good humour and efficiency. We achieved so much in one weekend!'

- Louise, St Andrews

'The Organised You was fantastic! Jo helped make my previously unused, messy study area into an organised and functional space. Jo was lovely and very thorough and I loved that the process was done together as I learnt some really useful organising tips! The greatest testament is that the study is not only an orderly area now, but a very well used one in our house. I highly recommend The Organised You'
- Seona, Montmorency

'We achieved so much in only 2 short sessions of home office organisation. We were both having to make crucial decisions on the spot, which is precisely why having a professional organiser is so effective as you would not be able to achieve that level of transformation working alone.
The best part is that we now have an attractive office space where we can have meetings in a more professional space, showcasing our work over the last 10 years. We managed in large part to re-organise work that had accumulated over a span of 8 years. I wish we had known of Jo 7 years ago!' 
- Lucrezia, Torquay

Our small business was in need of professional assistance in developing the necessary systems to maximise our time efficiency. Jo did an outstanding job in supporting us to reach this goal. Providing a personalised, professional and thorough service, we were supported to develop resource systems and an office layout at a pace that was comfortable yet efficient. The end result is a fantastic layout and office system that the whole team has bought into ensuring its sustainability. We would highly recommend Jo to any person that is looking to take their organisation to the next level.  We are so appreciative of the 'The Organised You' supporting us to become the 'Organised Us'! 
- Tavale, Bridging Worx