Setting goals for 2015

When I'm on holiday, my mind is always buzzing with great plans for things I want to do, and projects I want to work on, around our house. When I get back from holidays though, this thought process makes it a whole lot easier for me to set goals for what I want to achieve for the start of the year. Here's my process and new goals for the year ahead.

Cleaning and organising always takes centre stage for me in January, as I try to tweak the systems in our home to make our lives as easy and stress-free as possible. Of course, this list - or lists! - tends to get a bit crazy, as you can see below.  I'm definitely the sort of person who likes to get everything done at once! This year I really want to work on slowing down and being happy to achieve one thing at a time.

I decided I needed a plan of attack so I could still achieve the things I wanted to, but at a more practical pace. You may find yourself in a similar boat - starting the New Year off with the best intentions, but then as the normal pace of life resumes, you lose track of what it was you wanted to achieve.

I decided to write down my goals and set myself a bit of an 'organising challenge'. Here's what I came up with:

1. Fridge and freezer re-organise

2. Set up a command center

3. Make family and finance binders

4. Create a cleaning plan

5. Organise the kids' toys (bedrooms and living room)

6. Create a baking binder

7. Revise meal planning and grocery shopping processes

8. Start making homemade cleaning supplies

9. Set up the home office

10. Get the garage in order

This is a pretty mammoth list (although, I've already tackled the fridge and freezer - yahoo!) so I'm giving myself til the end of February to try to get these things done. If I do it any sooner that would be great - and a miracle! - but for me, it's important to set a deadline so I've got something to work towards. And of course I'll be sharing everything here on the blog so you can keep me accountable ;)

I popped the printed goals into a frame as I think having them on display will keep me motivated and on task. I'm going to hang this frame in our family command center, which I'm hoping to make a start on this week. It's looking pretty woeful at the moment... but things always get worse before they gets better, right? I'll be posting some inspiring command centers tomorrow, that are motivating me to start this next project.

So, who's with me? Try setting yourself up to 5 organising goals and give yourself an achievable timeline to do them in. Just think about how great you'll feel when you get through your to-do list. I'd be really interested to hear what your goals are!

If you think you might need some help reaching these organising goals, you can contact me here, I would love to help! 

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