A behind-the-scenes look at our sensational command centre

18 months ago, my husband and I were deep in the 'planning phase' of our renovation. New kitchen, new living areas, new master bedroom - it was all happening, and both exciting and stressful as so many decisions lay before us. 

One thing I was adamant about putting into our plans the entire time was a family command centre. In my last post, I talked about how to recognize if a command centre would be beneficial for you and your family (did you take the quiz? How'd you go?). It really is an essential zone in our home, and I'm excited to show you our new one in today's TV episode.

I shared with you just how much of a life-changer our original command centre was in our lives, as it kept us on track with all the different areas of our lives we need to juggle.

We really wanted our new command centre to be functional, practical, decorative and super-organised (of course!). We also wanted it 'hidden' so you couldn't see everything that was going on behind-the-scenes, but it had to blend in with the existing style of our kitchen and living areas. No mean feat!

As the build started to shape, we began to see the perfect spot for our new command centre - under the stairs! My husband Damian is truly a master at creating something from nothing, so with my requests (#demands) for how I wanted this space to operate, he came up with a unique design that completely fit the bill! I'm thrilled with how it turned out, and use this space to its full potential every single day.

I've been teasing the reveal of our family command centre long enough, so I am very excited to finally be sharing it with you in today's episode of The Organised You TV!

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