Battling paper clutter? This is your first step{Q & A}

If you looked around your house right now, how many paper piles would you see?...

Is there that one big stack on the end of the kitchen bench or table?

Are there several stacks in the 'hot-spots' of your home (i.e entryway, kitchen, home office)?

Do you have paper-related tasks waiting in a specific spot that require your immediate attention?

Or do you have effective paperwork systems that are actually working to keep the paper piles at bay?

If you're battling paper clutter, and feel like those paper piles are starting to take over your home, you are not alone my friend! In today's Q & A, I'm answering a reader question on this exact topic, and sharing the first important step you need to take in getting it under control.

The best kinds of paperwork systems are the ones you don't even have to think about - they work effectively, everyone in the family knows how to use them, and you feel in control of the paper pile monster, rather than letting it control you.

I am dedicated to helping you achieve this 'paperwork freedom', and over the next few months, we're going to be focusing on how to get in control and set up effective systems in your home in order to achieve that 'paperwork freedom' so many of us crave.

Today's video walks you through the important steps you need to take FIRST before you do anything else, so watch the video and be sure to grab today's freebie on the button below... it's an actionable guide that walks you step-by-step through this first stage of the paper organising process!

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