Being prepared for celebrations

I don't know why, but I am really terrible at choosing cards. I stand for ages in the card section, looking for one that's not too cutesy or bad-humoured, that has the right colours and message, is appropriate for the person... there's too many factors! Maybe I'm over-thinking things? Totally goes with my personality :) Here's a quick look at how I got around this issue...

I am usually pretty good at getting the present organised and wrapped (especially now that we have our gift wrapping station), but always leave the card to the last minute. So here is my solution: boxed card packs!

I bought this particular box of cards from Spotlight. They had a really great range, and there are 40 cards and envelopes in the pack for about $16, so it's great value. You could also get them from TypoTarget, or Kikki-K, or other stationery stores. Some packs come with blank cards so you can decorate them. I prefer the ones that are patterned so you can add something if you want, but they are also nice enough to leave as is. You can see on the back of the box an example of one that has been embellished.

Here are the designs spread out - I like how there is a mix of cute, pretty, kid-friendly, romantic, and neutral.

I love how easy it is now to just grab a card to go with the present. Now to build up my 'spare present' supply, and I'll never need to go present-shopping again! #keepdreaming

How do you keep yourself organised with presents and cards?  Does it take you forever to choose a card... or is that just me?!