101 Stocking-filler ideas

How are you going with your Christmas shopping? Well underway, planning to hit the shops soon, or have no ideas and dreading the very thought? One of the most important steps in the whole present-buying process is having a plan of attack before you start, especially when you're buying gifts for kids.

Listing ideas and setting a budget is super-important before you even step foot in a shop, as all those little bits and pieces that you 'throw' into the shopping trolley can really add up! 

I've compiled a list of 100 stocking-filler ideas for your kids under the categories of books, useful, fun, sporty, creative, learning and little helper. I've included links to some, but most you'll be able to easily find at the toy/book/clothes store. Grab your FREE download of the stocking-stuffer ideas, highlight the things you're planning on getting for your children, then tick them off the list as you go. You'll be high-fiving yourself in no time!



1.  Classic - go for any of these all-time classics, or your childrens' favourite authors

2. Series - here's an awesome list for kids aged 6-12

3. Board books - these are perfect for babies and toddlers because they can easily turn the pages (or chew on the edges) and they'll hold up much better than regular book pages. My kids loved the 'That's not my....' series. 'Hairy Maclary' is always a hit too

4. Pop-up / lift-the-flap / pull-the-tab books are lots of fun (little kids should be supervised so they don't destroy these!). Here are some fun ideas

5. Instructional - kids' baking or cooking books, how-to draw, kids' origami, how to make something

6. Audio books - perfect for those long car trips or when children need some down-time


7. Money-box

8. Fun lunchbox for kinder/school

9. Water bottle

10. Pencil case

11. Jewellery box

12. Treasures/keepsakes box (perfect for collecting shells, leaves, special bits and pieces)

13. Toothbrush and toothpaste

14. Toiletry bag for sleepovers

15. Hairbrush

16. Hair-ties, clips or headbands

17. Beach towel - hooded beach towels are so fantastic for littlies - they can walk off the beach or from the pool without you having to juggle holding a towel around them to keep them dry and warm

18. Personalised placemat

19. Kids' crockery and cutlery

20. Cute egg-cups


21. Pyjamas (we love to give our kids a new pair of PJs on Christmas Eve - a fun tradition!)

22. Bathers

23. Sun-hat or beanie

24. Socks 

25. Underwear

26. T-shirts

27. Leggings

28. Shorts

29. Pants

30. Shoes


31. 'Experience' presents - movie tickets, homemade vouchers for excursions to the Zoo, football, aquarium, Luna Park etc

32. Dress-ups

33. Bubbles - heaps of varieties to choose from - bubble guns, bouncy bubbles, mega wands, bubble swords

34. Yo-yo

35. Bath toys

36. Stacking/building blocks

37. Soft toys

38. Magic tricks set

39. Spring toy/slinky

40. Magnetic games i.e. tile game, a magnetic puzzle or a drawing board

41. Balloons or water balloons

42. Temporary tattoos

43. Wind-up toy

44. Travel games (Connect 4 and Yahtzee are classic childhood favourites)

45. Lip gloss/balm

46. Card games (Uno, Skip-bo, Go Fish, Crazy 8s, Rummy)


47. Any kind of ball that is age appropriate

48. Frisbee

49. Skipping rope

50. Elastics

51. Pool toys - dive rings or sticks, hoops, pool balls, mini-basketball net

52. Goggles

53. Floaties

54. Helmet

55. Beach or sandpit toys - bucket, spade, sand-sifter, mini watering-can, diggers

56. Mini bowling set

57. Water gun


58. Art utensils - crayons, pencils, textas - choose ones that do something 'fun' like fabric markers, metallic pencils, pastel gel pens or glitter glue

59. Craft punch - my son loves using our heart-shaped craft punch as a border around cards

60. Stamps (speaking from experience - don't leave a toddler alone with the stamp pad!)

61. 'Find and colour' colouring books

62. Stencils

63. Scissors - ones that make shapes and patterns on the paper are extra fun

64. Blank drawing or writing pads

65. Sticker books

66. Spirograph

67. Mini-easel

68. Kinetic sand

69. Play-dough

70. Clay

71. Chalk

72. Slime

73. Paint 

74. Paint equipment - pots, brushes, art smock, splat mat

75. Musical instrument - mini-guitar, xylophone, harmonica, bells, rattle

76. Jewellery-making kit

77. Easy sewing kit

78. Loom bands


79. Bedside clock (wooden block ones are great for learning too)

80. Puzzles

81. Board games for the family (I just purchased 'Guess Who?' - totally love this classic although some of the faces look a little different!)

82. Dominoes

83. Tic-tac-toe

84. Magnetic letters/numbers

85. Mini whiteboard and textas

86. Magnifying glass

87. Grow your own... crystals, plants, crystal garden, dinosaur egg

88. 'Hama' melting bead kits

89. Paper plane kit


90. Apron & chef's hat for cooking/baking sessions

91. Kids' cooking utensils

92. Fun cookie cutters

93. Mini tool box

94. Seeds to plant in the garden


95. Personalised wall prints

96. Pom-pom garland

97. Sticker decals

98. Glow-in-the-dark stickers

99. Fun night-light

100. Tooth fairy box

101. Photo frames

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