Clever Kitchens (ebook)

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Clever Kitchens (ebook)


The Ultimate Guide to Saving You Time & Energy

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11 detailed chapters of actionable techniques to help you create a kitchen you'll love to spend time in! You'll learn...

❊ Ways to minimize stress in the kitchen so you can lead a more calm and balanced life

❊ Strategies for creating a space that you can feel proud of

❊ How to create clear countertops (and keep them that way!) so you feel more calm and relaxed about the state of your home

❊ How to create a kitchen that can be easily used and navigated by others

❊ How to sort your pantry, fridge and freezer so that you can save time and effort on those busy nights

❊ How to effectively declutter your kitchen so you're holding onto less 'stuff'

❊ How to organise your kitchen into zones so you can easily find exactly what you're after

❊ The best storage solutions and which ones you should choose in order to create extra storage in your kitchen

❊ How to set up organised prep and cooking zones so you've got more space to work with

❊ Strategies for setting up your cabinets and drawers so you're not wasting time rummaging through to find what you need

BONUS SECTION: helpful printables to reduce stress and create a more organised kitchen!