Are you wanting to get a particular area of your home decluttered and organised?

Have a more detailed look at how I can help you organise the different areas of your home by clicking on the text below. Find out more about how the organising process works and answers to FAQs.

Living and Storage Areas

Life transitions often make you realise that your living spaces and home storage solutions are no longer working for you. Perhaps you are downsizing, moving house, welcoming a new family member, returning to work, or reorganising before or after a renovation. A new and fresh approach to your living space can help restore that calm feeling to your home.

I can help you to:

  • declutter your home and create a more peaceful living space
  • create an organised entry
  • set up a command centre to help coordinate your/ your family's weekly activities and routines
  • devise a 'drop zone' and action system for daily mail, bills, notices
  • set up systems to organise your media (DVDs, CDs, games etc)
  • create appropriate storage for holiday decor
  • make and/or organise a crafting area
  • order the storage areas throughout your home
  • sort out and rearrange your garage
  • pack up your house/apartment/office for moving
  • move into a new home/office and find 'a place for everything!'


The kitchen can be the heart of the home, and is often the spot where a great amount of quality time is spent. But having a kitchen that is disorganised, cluttered or simply lacking in effective storage can make it an unappealing place to spend time in.

I can help you to:

  • organise your cupboards
  • work out which storage systems will work best for you in the kitchen
  • declutter and set up a more organised pantry
  • sort through your plastic storage containers
  • create systems to maintain your kitchen's cleanliness
  • organise your fridge and freezer
  • order your recipe collections

Home Office

The home office can easily become a dumping ground for your mail, bills, receipts, shopping lists and paperwork. All this clutter can prevent you from working to your full potential, and utilising the space effectively.

I can help you to:

  • declutter and organise your desk/work space
  • sort admin
  • create a filing system
  • set up an action station to manage the paper flow
  • organise bill payments
  • create a receipt system
  • organise photos - both digital and printed versions
  • plan your time more effectively using strategies that suit your lifestyle
  • efficiently organise and store children's school and artwork

Bedroom and Wardrobe

Do you have so many clothes you can never find what you're looking for? Do you have a pile of clothes 'growing' on the floor? Or are you lacking systems to organise the clothes you own? An organised wardrobe can save a huge amount of time on a busy morning when you're trying to rush out the door.

I can help you to:

  • sort and organise your (or your child's) existing wardrobe
  • create categories so everything is easy to find and accessible
  • sort and store items such as jewellery, shoes, scarves and hats
  • create systems for preparing outfits in advance
  • organise your bedside table/s


Doing the laundry can often seem like a never ending chore as there is always a part of the process waiting to be done - from the sorting, washing and hanging out to folding and putting away! Having organised systems and home storage solutions in place can at least make the jobs quicker and easier.

I can help you to:

  • plan and arrange an effective laundry space
  • organise the linen cupboard
  • set up a system to sort laundry efficiently
  • create cleaning product storage
  • declutter and organise the medicine cabinet
  • effectively store the ‘little things’ e.g batteries, thread, safety pins, buttons etc


The bathroom needs to pack a lot of storage punch, especially if it is shared between all family members. It is important to have everything at hand and easy to find, in order to make your morning and night routines simple and stress-free.

I can help you to:

  • set up storage solutions for your bathroom belongings and make the space clutter free
  • sort and organise cosmetics, toiletries and hair products
  • order your linen cupboard and cleaning supplies
  • organise the children's belongings, such as bath toys, hair accessories etc
  • create a more relaxing and peaceful space

Children's Bedrooms

Being an organised parent is a full-time job! Sometimes it feels that your children's endless supply of 'things' - toys, books, clothes, artwork - are taking over the house! Having a 'place for everything' will ensure children become more responsible for helping to pack up their belongings, and help you to feel more in control of the spaces within your home.

I can help you to:

  • set up your child's bedroom
  • organise books and toys, both in living spaces and children's bedrooms
  • create systems for clothes - current, next season(s), clothes that don't fit, storing hand-me-downs
  • organise the artwork and archive the 'keepsake' pieces
  • sort photos (both digital and printed versions)
  • organise craft supplies
  • make your car 'kid-friendly' 
  • learn ways to better organise your children's belongings within your home
  • help set up a nursery space for a new baby